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Thoughtfully’s Carefully-curated Gift Boxes are the Perfect Meaningful Holiday Gift Idea


Finding the perfect gift can seem impossible! Friends, parents and in-laws, oh -my! With so many friends and loved ones to see to, you can become overwhelmed and resort to last-minute gifts that are convenient! Shopping for your friends and loved ones should be a fun and easy process, because you know them best! They will appreciate a gift that speaks to their personality and the unique relationship you have with them.

Christmas gift ideas 2016

Gifting is an opportunity to express the love and appreciation you have for the people in your life and show just how special they are to you. The perfect gifts are those that produce a laugh, smile or even a tear that makes them memorable.


Thanks to Thoughtfully, you can skip the long lines end endless hassle and put the sparkle back in gifting. Thoughfully’s carefully-curated gift boxes are designed to spark memories of a special moment, focusing on the love behind the gift and the essence of gift-giving, uniting the gifter and giftee through a storyline.


Thoughtfully’s offers practical and reusable items that can be leveraged all year long and provides an authentic and personal gifting experience. Whether a Tequila lover, art enthusiast or Health advocate, each gift box appeals to varying tastes, personalities, hobbies and interests, and are heartfelt and unexpected. 


Unlike the traditional gift basket, each gift box is created with unique inspiration and arrives with an accompanying story for its recipient to enjoy.


Your gift arrives beautifully packaged in a perfectly designed gift box creating a nostalgic and emotional experience which becomes a timeless keepsake.

Check out these different choices for all the unique people in your life:

Thoughtful Gifts for the Roommate: Cheers Wine – Paint Set

Thoughtful Gifts to Bond with your Grandmother

Popcorn Lover Gift Set for The New Hot Flame in your Life

Great Gift Idea for the Adventurer

Thoughtfully.com’s Gift for The Health Advocate

Thoughtfully Gift Box for the Cocktail Lover

Christmas gift ideas 2016

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