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State Bags Delivers Great Bags and Backpacks As They Give Back

State Bags. christmasGreat Holiday Gift Idea!

Give. Back. Pack.  Great backpacks.

As stated, this isn’t just a fashion-forward company. This husband-and-wife-led venture also pays it forward…

Scot and Jacq Tatelman not only wanted to start their own company, they also wanted to make a different in the lives of underprivileged young people, some of whom they knew firsthand from the Brooklyn neighborhood where they make their home along with their two children.

Seeing local schoolchildren carrying their books and supplies in tattered garbage bags inspired the couple to create a company that not only produces high-quality bags but also gives back in a real and meaningful way.


Every time a customer purchases a stylish State bag, tote, or backpack they also make a contribution toward improving the life and educational performance of an individual child in one of the nation’s most economically depressed areas. But that’s not the whole story.

state bags

All that glitters is gold at State Bags!

It’s how that impact is made that is so unique.

Rather than simply contributing a portion of their profits, the Tatelman’s take a more direct approach to philanthropy. For every bag sold, State hand delivers a backpack loaded with essential school supplies to an at-risk boy or girl. It isn’t charity. It’s an investment in the lives of youth who may one day grow up to be leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists in their own right. They only need a little help taking those first steps.

State bags themselves are notable for their simple, sturdy design and names that wouldn’t sound out of place in a classroom role call; Ryder, Douglass, Kent and Franklin, just to name a few. Both attractive and functional, State bags look equally at home in a school, the business world or leisure activities.

State teams up with partners such as Twitter, RocNation, Beyonce, SoulCycle, the Honest Company and others to benefit kids in need in a variety of ways. In addition to donating fully loaded backpacks, State also sends teams of PackMen and PackWomen into schools across the country for State Bag Drop Events. During these rallies, children not only receive brand new State bags, but they are also encouraged to pursue academic excellence as a means to one day realize their dreams.

Fashion rarely dovetails so naturally with philanthropy. State’s socially conscious creators have found a way to make a difference in the lives of children in a hands-on way that removes the distance between benefactor and beneficiary.

Check out State Bags Holiday Gift Guide and be part of the giving!

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