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MOVA Globe – A High-Tech Work of Art

MOVA globes

Looking for a one of a kind gift that anyone on your list will be delighted to receive? Give them the world. Or at least a visually arresting, fully rotating and turning representation of it that will enliven any space.

MOVA globes

The award-winning MOVA Globe is a high-tech work of art that is both elegant and modern. It will add a touch of eco-style to any home or office. More than that, it will provide you with endless hours of relaxation and be a constant reminder of how precious and amazing our planet truly is. MOVA Globes are the perfect marriage of artistic craftsmanship and earth-friendly technology.

Unlike conventional globes that are clunky and have to be rotated by hand, this one moves on its own. The perpetual motion of the MOVA Globe is generated by cutting-edge solar technology and the earths own magnetic fields. You don’t need batteries or electricity. A little ambient light is all that’s required to set your globe gently spinning inside its clear outer housing.

globeYou have several exciting choices when it comes to the look of your globe. In addition to modern and world maps, there are several specialty themes that will satisfy any taste including art, sports, and astronomy. Each globe comes with a three pronged acrylic base for the proper displaying of your new decorative marvel. Upgrade to attractive real wood or crystal bases for an extra touch of sophistication.

MOVA also has options for those on a smaller budget. The MOVA Minis offer the same beauty and tranquility in a more affordable, compact package. You can choose from seven designs including stylized maps or famous artworks from the likes of Van Gogh and Monet. MOVA Cubes feature the amazing solar panel technology in a smaller globe housed inside a minimalistic acrylic cube. It looks equally at home on a desk, mantle or shelf.

All of the MOVA Globes are eco-conscious and designed with sustainability in mind, which is only appropriate for a product that conveys the beauty and mystery of our incredible planet. Exquisite to behold and fascinating to ponder, MOVA Globes are kinetic art pieces that never go out of style and will continue to delight for generations.

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