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Bedazzle Your Home with BlissLights High-tech Laser Lighting

BlissLights. What Will You Brighten?


Nothing says the holidays like lighting and decorations. Tis the season to sparkle with brilliance and pretty lights. Invigorate your home and property and dazzle the neighborhood with bright hues and artistic designs created by ​gorgeous, high-quality lights. And who says you have to take them down once the holidays are over? Why not keep them up all year? Add beauty and elegance to any space, indoor and out.

No need to put in hours of work, or hiring someone to put your lights up. BlissLights use high-tech laser lighting to cast thousands of moving light points to display an appealing visual show. Simply choose a location, plug it in​, and point it to the desired area — instantly you have a masterpiece.


BlissLights have many splendid features to create a magical holiday environment and brighten your home and garden all year long:

  • High-tech laser lighting cast​s thousands of moving light points
  • Cover over ​2,500-square foot
  • Use remote controls and built-in timers
  • Intensity of lights never diminish
  • Plug-in to any standard outlet

BlissLights are a high quality and​ affordable way to create a professional lighting experience. Let BlissLights brighten the holidays and the whole year!

Prices range from $79 – $149 and include a 1-year warranty. To learn more go to www.blisslight.com.



Laser-lighting leaders, BlissLights Inc. is an artistic lighting company founded in 2006 after inventing, engineering, and patenting a unique multi-phase diffractive holographic optics and light projection technology. The company focuses on manufacturing unique lighting experiences that are affordable for every home and garden. Driving INNOVATION THROUGH IMAGINATION, BlissLights is setting a new standard in the light industry by bringing a little more “bliss” into each home.

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