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The Average Salary Outlook for School Counselors

When people think of the types of careers that come with handsome salaries, school counseling is not generally thought of. Contrary to popular belief, school counselors can make a tidy sum just by working where their services are most highly valued. Graduates of Wake Forest University with a focus on school counseling can go on to make an average of $50,000 a year. While this is not the highest salary among counseling majors, it definitely is respectable. Find out how much you can earn per year on average as a school counselor, as well as what the potential for making more is.

Average Public School Counselor Salaries

Counselors who work in the public and private school sectors generally have different salary ranges because of the way that private and public schools are funded. More specifically, private schools charge tuition and fees to students that are in attendance. Public schools are almost totally funded by local and state taxes, as well as federal subsidies and grants. This means that a counselor at school in the public sector will only be able to earn as much as the corresponding school district budget allows. School counselors should not think that they won’t be fairly compensated if they choose to work in public school settings. On the other hand, your earning potential may be limited if you work in a school district with limited funding.

School Counselor Salary by State

School counselors tend to have higher salaries in metropolitan areas, like Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Seattle. Starting salaries for school counselors are more attractive in metropolitan cities, but these positions are also more competitive. There will be many new school counselors vying for positions in cities and states with increased salary potential. States such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California are great places for school counselors looking to establish career paths to begin to gain experience. If you find an area that has better than average salary potential and you don’t mind commuting, you can always visit different school districts. By interviewing for counseling jobs in several locations, you’ll find out what type of salary and benefit packages you can expect.

How Expertise, Experience and Specialization Affects School Counselor Salary

Average salary outlook expects as school counselors gain more references, years of experience and increased credentials. This means that counselors who complete advanced counseling programs online will have more education and experience, making them much more likely to be able to increase their salaries. Working as a counselor at a school may leave you with a set schedule that you have to follow, but any efforts you take to further your education will be supported by your employer. School counselors are expected to learn on the job, but they also need further education.

As a school counselor, you will earn enough to support your family, save money and meet all of your financial obligations without struggle. Although you probably won’t make as much money as a neurosurgeon, you can be happy and healthy with your career choice. To meet your full earning potential as a school counselor, further your education whenever you learn of a new online class that you want to take.

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