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Conquer Snoring With Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner

Ress Rite anti snoring device

Ress Rite anti snoring deviceThe secret to a good nights sleep may be as simple as getting off your back. While sleeping on your back may be your preferred position, it’s not necessarily conducive to a restful night. In fact, it could be keeping you and others awake. Whether it’s snoring, an injury, or pregnancy, Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner can help keep you off your back and feeling more rested in the morning. It’s a simple, drug-free way to better sleep.

There is a host of benefits to sleeping on your side; perhaps the biggest is the relief and peace of mind it offers people who snore and those who suffer from sleep apnea. When you are on your side your airways are more open. The more freely you can breathe, the less noise you make while you sleep. You’ll not only enjoy a quieter, more sound night’s sleep but chances are that the person who shares the bed with you will also appreciate the difference.

Putting a stop to snoring isn’t the only reason to chose your side over your back. Pregnancy limits your choice of sleeping positions since sleeping on your stomach obviously isn’t an option. Many doctors recommend that pregnant women sleep on their side since it improves blood circulation to the heart which is good for both baby and mom.

Your sleep position may also aggravate back and neck injuries. Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner aids the healing process by keeping you off your back, giving relief to sore joints, bones, and muscles. Sleeping on your side can also help relieve acid reflux and heartburn.

If you rely on strategically positioned pillows to keep yourself for rolling over on your back, then you understand the basic concept behind the Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner. Not only is it more effective, you don’t have to worry about assembling a pile of pillows which will likely shift in the night. It’s easy to use and works while you sleep.

The simple yet elegantly designed plastic cup adheres to your back and gently prevents you from rolling over. There are no clumsy straps or a bulky apparatus to worry about. Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner uses a medical grade adhesive that attaches comfortably to your back or clothing and leaves no messy residue behind. You’ll forget it’s even there as you drift off to sleep.

Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner is also compact and discreet; a bonus for travelers. Take it with you where ever you go to ensure you always get plenty of quality shut-eye. This American made product starts working the very first night.

Stop tossing and turning and start sleeping soundly with Rest-Rite SleepPositioner.

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