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The Swag from WOW! Creations EMMY Gift Lounge continues…

Tyler Emery of Reign Media with Norman and his handler.

The Swag from WOW continues!

Gentleman Norman poses so cutely with his new book coming out: “How To Be A Man Gentleman” Read more about Norman

Tyler Emery of Reign Media with Norman and his handler.

Norman is Mr. Personality!

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Sculptures by Stella

Sculptures by Stella

Los Angeles native Stella Singleton-Jones truly has been blessed with talent. Her sculptures were on display at the EMMY gift lounge.

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Light, fruity and sparkling, Diabolo kept guests refreshed. Diabolo also made a great drink mixer!

Also in the gift bag was Udder crème, Pop Chips,

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2016 Emmy Gift Lounge – Wow Creations Brands
Brands and Swag from the WOW! Creations 2016 Emmy Gift Suite
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