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More Great Brands from the WOW! Creations 2016 Emmy Gift Lounge

More Great Brands from the WOW! Creations 2016 Emmy gift lounge:

Reve Calme
Tammy Leemon, founder of Reve Calme created her own blend of a relaxing aromatherapy pillow sprays to help you sleep more soundly. Additionally, she’s just introduced the Reve Calme Luxury Collection Mineral Bath Soaking Salts and Bath Bombs with her exquisite blend of natural aromatherapy scents such as   Jasmine, Rose & Bergamot  and Vanilla, Bergamot & Sandalwood.  Found in exclusive hotels around the world. Go to for more info.

Tammy Leemon, founder of Reve Calme

Tammy Leemon, founder of Reve Calme

Maa Veda
Created by an OB-GYN and family practice physican, Maa Veda was originally created for safe use during the delicate stages of pregnancy and lactation. Free of harmful parabens that have been shown to be linked to various types of cancer. This line of natural products are for everyone, pregnant or not!

Maa Veda

Maa Veda

Seal Shoe Covers
What a great way to protect your shoes from rain, snow and mud when out on the go. With a water-resistant outer shell that repels water, your shoes will remain clean and dry. Easily portable, just slip in over your shoes!

Seal Shoe Covers

Pickled Planet has a line of delicious and nutritious lineup of fine fermented sauerkrauts.


Dama Tequila is tequila created with a woman taste palate in mind. Dama Tequila

Unique Energy Drink
A healthier way to stay energized; with a unique blend of beneficial Exotic Red Reishi Mushroom Extract, Green Tea, and B-Complex Vitamins, you get sustainable energy without the crash you get with other energy drinks. Flavorful too!

Unique Energy Drink at the EMMY Awards gift lounge.

Unique Energy Drink at the EMMY Awards gift lounge.

Global Vodka provided cocktails using their smooth-tasting and quality vodka for guests. For more info, go to: Global Vodka


Solsol gifting their solar-powered hats with the solar planels in the lid. Great for keeping your phone charged outdoors!

With Ziggit  can choose from the words or expressions, create your own or get the limited Zicon emoticon pins, simply a great way to express yourself! For more information visit: Ziggit

Kind were giving out the latest wonderful bar, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt  with only 5 grams of sugar! Delicious and healthy.

Le Bris Cupcakes come in many different flavors and are available for catered events. They are based out of San Diego and deliver to L.A.


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2016 Emmy Gift Lounge – Wow Creations Brands
Brands and Swag from the WOW! Creations 2016 Emmy Gift Suite
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