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2016 Emmy Gift Lounge – Wow Creations Brands

Wow! Creations 2016 Primetime EMMY gift lounge brands, continued…

Mark and Matt Harris with Kato Kaelen

Mark and Matt Harris with Kato Kaelen

Momentum Water
Alkaline is the state of healthy people. Most diseases are a result of a PH imbalance. Momentum water is formulated with a pH of 9.5. Now you can buy alkaline water in personal size bottles and even get Momentum Water delivered to your home.

Momentum Water

Momentum Water

Cookies in a Snap makes baking cookies fun and easy. With a variety of discs with different designs, it’s a uniquely new way to shape and mold cookies. Makes cookie-making fun, creative and memorable. Cookies in a Snap

Cookies in a Snap

Cookies in a Snap

Sarah’s Skinny Sweets
Sarah has a winner with her low- glycemic, gluten free vegan cookies, Sarah’s Skinny Sweets. Made with coconut flour, these are paleo friendly also. Delicious flavors such as double chocolate macadamia make them irresistable. Sarah’s Skinny Sweets was recently featured in Magazine. Sarah’s Skinny Sweets

Sarah with Tyler Emery

Sarah with Tyler Emery

CBD Care Garden features an exquisite all-natural skin care products that contain Cannabidiol.  Their botanical blends are formulated with the perfect proprietary ratios of each ingredient so that the maximum benefits are achieved. For more info, visit:

CBD Care Garden

CBD Care Garden

Queen C human hair extensions are easy to use and turn your hairstyle from boring to fabulous at home. With smaller, low-profile clips, these are easy to put on and look so natural. They gifted hair pieces, and great detangler brushes.

Queen C Hair

Queen C Hair

Mack Trucks were onsite with a cool line of T-shirts, hats and the signature bulldog pin!

Mack Trucks Tshirts

Continue below for more brands from the WOW! Creations Primetime Emmy Gift Suite
Brands and Swag from the WOW! Creations 2016 Emmy Gift Suite
More Great Brands from the WOW! Creations 2016 Emmy Gift Lounge
The Swag from WOW! Creations EMMY Gift Lounge continues
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Reign Media's Tyler Emery with actor Isaac C. Singleton Jr.

Reign Media’s Tyler Emery with actor Isaac C. Singleton Jr. (Anger Management & Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)

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Written by Jane Emery


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