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What Your Favorite Celebs are Doing Online

People love celebrities and people also love the internet, so in my quest to write about anything that pops into my brain, I decided to combine these things and have a look at what our favourite celebrities actually get up to online. They are all just as weird as us and get up to the same boring old stuff, however because they are celebrities, what they do becomes instantly more interesting … apparently. So instead of just naming celebrities and what they do, I thought I would group them together by what they are doing. This way someone enterprising young soul could create a strange ‘Top Trumps’ featuring celebrities and their online habits.

Online Daters

Once upon a time internet dating had a great deal of stigma attached to it and anyone who would admit to doing it was considering ‘a right weirdo’ who was sad and pathetic. Luckily, people persevered and then discovered how much better it is to meet someone online then have to trudge through an endless parade of weirdos in bars. Here’s a selection of some famous online daters:

  • Lily Allen – The British songstress (who actually shops at the same supermarket as me) actually signed up for Tinder, which is a fine thing for a single woman to do … oh wait, what? She’s married with kids? Oh…
  • Lindsay Lohan – There was at time were Lindsay was the toast of Hollywood and one of the most promising child stars in the world. Then she went a bit … uh … strange, as we all know. Maybe her fame and history puts some men off, but she is another celebrity who uses Tinder.
  • Adele – Before Adele met her current boyfriend and had their son, she joined up with eHarmony for a short while, but found it too difficult as she was already to famous to get any worthwhile results.

Online Gamblers

Some countries have a bit of unfair stigma about online gambling, however luckily there is no stigma in Britain and many British celebs have been known to play the odd game of Blackjack or Bingo online:

  • Kate Moss – Probably the most famous supermodel of all time is used to hanging around at A-list parties and cameoing in films, but apparently she loves nothing more than chilling with Sadie Frost and playing bingo.
  • Catherine ZetaJones – Quite possible the most beautiful person that Wales ever produced is also apparently a fan of bingo, what with it being such a favourite British pastime, it’s easy to see why.
  • Courtney Cox – Now, she obviously isn’t British, however she enjoys playing Bingo with celeb pals such as Paris Hilton. That’s a very strange scene to picture.

Online Gamers

From gambling to gaming and to the rise of celebrity videogamers; videogames really started to become popular in the 80s and onwards and now all those kids who were locked away in their bedrooms with a man called Mario are now grown up and have become actors and singers, who still enjoy some gaming alone time:

  • Henry Cavill – Unfortunately for Henry, when his tenure as Superman is over, he probably won’t get work again, because that’s the nature of playing the character. At least he’ll be able to spend his Superman salary on junk food as he continually plays World of Warcraft. He even ignored the call from the director who was ringing to offer him the part because he was playing WOW.
  • Megan Fox – Ms Fox may be every geeky guys dream: she is a very attractive woman; appears in movies like Transformers; and enjoys playing Halo online. What more can you want?
  • Mila Kunis – Like Megan Fox, Mila Kunis enjoys videogaming, however for Mila it’s playing World of Warcraft … I wonder if she has met Henry Cavill.

So this is how I spent my day – researching what celebrities do when they go online. This is cutting edge journalism! The people need to know, okay?!

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