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Kyle and Kendall Jenner Style Swag Bag by WOW! Creations

jenner-gift-bagWOW! Creations, known for throwing lavish Gift Suites and bringing together celebrities, media and brands together surrounding Hollywood award ceremonies,  recently launched the “Kyle and Kendall Jenner Style Swag Bag.” You can never have enough of beautiful new items from great brands! Their cool bag of goodies include:

Denim collection… work of art. You decide! Grace in LA is the coolest mix of ‘Americana creativity’ and a huge amount of bling. Embellishments, vintage motifs and modern washes to give our jeans just the right amount eye-popping WOW! An exceptional variety of styles that range from bootcut to straight leg and stiletto skinny modern denim fits that girls do love.

REVECALME is a unique blend of aromatherapy pillow sprays and bath salts. All natural, no chemicals, the subtle fragrances are 100% pure essential oils – which are the most highly-treasured and exclusive essential oils on the market – are light and natural when sprayed. When a person breathes the fine mist when sprayed, the process of aromatherapy starts to work, preparing the mind and body for relaxation. Her Luxury Collection Pillow Sprays include 6 beautiful scents: Original,  Lavender Mist, Floral Mist, Jasmine Mist, Vanilla Mist, Desert Mist.

The Casery is artistically-driven cell phone cases. Each an artist in their own right, whether that art is filmmaking, photography, or graphic design. The Casery aims to showcase their work in the best way possible. ‘Whether you want to design it from the ground up, start with a base design and make it your own, or have a talented artist design it for you’. Their cases are designed to reach for perfection, in both artistic design and top grade materials.

What are Ziggit Pins? A ‘think outside the box’ accessory. Kind of an ‘accessory for your accessory’. Ziggit is ‘emboldened self-expression ‘Shift the conversation from your keyboard to your real life with multicolored Zicon emoticon pins’.Adorn your bra straps, bikinis, gym bras, shoelaces, headbands, belt loops, choker necklaces, and anything else with Ziggitletter, number and symbol pins and their exclusive Zicon emoticon pins, perfect for customizing just about anything.

With a modern spin on classic European elegance, luxury bedding, exquisite linens were gifted from Grande Maison de Blanc; distinctive, thoughtful offerings. With decades of experience selecting the finest linens and bedding from around the globe, their expert staff are uniquely qualified to help creatively tailor ensembles to your distinct palate. Make your house feel like home with your personal tastes. Beverly Hills 310.598.1982

We love candles! Candles can change the atmosphere to one of tranquility. But not all candles are created equal! Desirable candles are naturally scented (not synthetic fragrances as they are toxic). Vance Family Soy Candles use pure essential oils and organic flavor to create their amazing, hand crafted candles. They also use low-smoke cotton wicks and their soy candles are GMO-free. Vance Family Soy Candles began as a mission to provide the perfect, sustainable candle. They donate at least 10% of our profits to those in need.

Neha Assar is a talented and creative artist and has been adorning brides across the nation with bespoke ornate bridal mehndi and body art. The concepts used are original and the designs are expertly applied freehand, through inspired improvisation and alacrity. Her artwork has been recognized and also exhibited by various media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Du Jour Magazine, LA Fashion Week, The Oscar Awards and many others. Neha Assar’s invaluable experience and flair for producing stunning and flawless custom designs are sure to leave her brides speechless!

Sarah’s Skinny Sweets are delicious cookies made from yummy coconut, which makes them gluten-free. They are moist and nutrient-dense real-food decadence. Great for Celiacs, Diabetics, Paleos and Vegans. Real nutrients, орtіmum hеаlth.

Void Beauty – 2016 Award-winning Organic nail polish. Eco-perfected, cruelty free & vegan friendly. VoidBeauty provides life’s adventures in color and their favorite color being… green! Green.. as in: No formaldehyde, formaldehyde-resin, toluene, camphor,  paraben, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, lead or phthalate (dbp)!

Betty Jane Candies has been family-owned-and-operated and making the finest homemade chocolates and candies since 1938. Time-honored recipes ! Create your own assortment out of 44 delicious chocolate options. Three locations in Iowa. Call 800-642-1254 or go to their website to order.

Touch is a sanitizing соntіnuоuѕ spray proven to kill 99.99% of disease causing germs to the skin and its unique formula allows for one application to last up to 6 hours. Touch is a special blend of essential oils and skin softeners which allow each application coupled with its revolutionary aerosol technology to soften and condition your hands, this makes the day start with a good, clean, and new healthy habit.

CrazyLoops – Personalize your style, support your cause! Crazy Loops can be snapped to your shoes to show your support for charities, your passion for extra curricular activities and your love for all your every day interests. Guys, girls, young, old… this is a fun way to express yourself.

Mark Harris, Matt Harris, WOW Creations founders & Storage Wars alumnis

TV personalities Mark Harris, Matt Harris, WOW Creations founders & Storage Wars alumnis

About WOW! Creations
Wow!Creations is a Los Angeles based creative marketing and publicity company specializing in creating Celebrity / VIP Gift bags filled with high-end consumer products for Hollywood Award Shows / Film Festivals / Beauty Pageants / Charity Events / Sport event / Individual Gifting Experiences and Launch parties for emerging companies.

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