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Wow! Creations Gift Lounge in Honor of the 2016 ESPY Awards

Mark Harris, Matt Harris, WOW Creations founders & Storage Wars alumnis

Mark Harris, Matt Harris, WOW Creations founders & Storage Wars alumnis

WOW! Creations celebrated the ESPYs with a great gifting suite at the W Hotel Hollywood. The lounge was open to athletes and celebrity guests. The annual ESPY Awards presents Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards.

Some of the many athletes that stopped by included Channing Fry – World Champion Cleveland Cavalier, Richard Jefferson – World Champion Cleveland Cavalier, Chuck Liddell, Mixed Martial Artist, Scott Hamilton, World Champion Skater, Greg Louganis – Olympic swimmer, and Terrell Owens, former NFL football player.

Brands traveled from across the country to share their unique and share brands, including:

Prestige Private Air is for business men and women who have decided that commercial travel shortcomings are cutting into their time, sanity and profits. With this in mind, Prestige Private air has revolutionized a stagnant industry that has kept service and quality at a bare minimum while upcharging for every second of relaxation and convenience. For a reasonable price per month, members can fly in private jets in a safe, luxury, and lovely manner.


Prestige Private Air…the only way to fly!

Their mission statement is to provide its members with an unparalleled experience by facilitating the safest and most luxurious form of air travel. For more information and to become a member please visit:

SOLSOL™ is a fashion-forward “Statement” for everyone who believes in clean energy, in healing our world and making a difference through environmentally-conscious energy powered by solar panels. They presented their trendy designer solar-powered hats which are charged by the sun and have a USB connect on the hat itself to charge any phone or device on the go! This innovative brand’s mission and product line is very respectable and the design of their hats is eye-catching. To get your SolSol hat today visit

SOLSOL solar-powered hats

SOLSOL solar-powered hats

Black Living Water has revolutionized the notion of fulvic water in a health-conscious and remarkable fashion. Black Living Water is infuse with soil-based probiotics which contributes to the overall value proposition in a way that differentiates their fulvic water from other alternatives while maintaining a similar price point. Athletes received Black Living Water with 77+ trace minerals, alkaline water, PH of 10, electrolytes, as well as their Black Living Powder. They’ve got you covered!


Reign Media’s Tyler Emery with Black Living Water at the ESPY gift lounge.

Sarah’s Skinny Sweets: If you are a fan of coconut, you will love these. By harnessing the power of the coconut, Sarah has been able to create a Gluten-Free treat that is moist, with a velvety texture and full of flavor. These cookies are figure-friendly and taste so delicious, you’d never guess how healthy they are. They contain no sugar, are low-carb, and do not contain gluten, soy, or dairy…and they’re paleo!


Sarah with her delicious Sarah’s Skinny Treats

To obtain the se scrumptous Sarah’s Skinny Sweets treats while staying on your summer diet, please visit  [youtube][/youtube]

Read about more great brands at the WOW! Creations ESPY Gift Lounge HERE and HERE.

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