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Movember Foundation Hosts Event to Bring Testicular Cancer Awareness

We stopped in to the Movember Foundation headquarters in Culver City fan event to kick off Testicular Cancer Awareness Month (April) in support of the Movember Foundation, where they presented a hosted panel discussion to bring awareness to prevention and treatment of testicular cancer and discuss their mission.

Movember Foundation

The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. The outreach of the foundation consists of The United States, Canada, Australiasia, The U.K. And Europe. This international network allows The Movember Foundation to connect clinicians and researchers around the globe and have them understand what their colleagues are researching. This collaboration allows the exchange of critical knowledge to help further innovate and integrate the status would of men’s health.

Movember Foundation

In order to fund initiatives with their global network, The Movember Foundation holds events to have fun and bring awareness for the betterment of men.

Movember Foundation

Friends of Movember, associates and media enjoyed complimentary cocktails by 50 Bleu Vodka, Beer by House Beer, and small bites. Guest were treated to Men’s Cuts by Gents Lounge and MANicures & Unibrow Waxing Provided by Queen-B.

Tyler Emery get a trim by Gents Cuts at the Movember Foundation

Tyler Emery get a trim by Gents Cuts at the Movember Foundation

Related Garments teamed up with the Movember Foundation to create a special edition boxer/sock set that features the iconic Mo logo on the Waistband and socks to generate awareness and raise funds for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month this April.


The “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself” set have been available throughout the month of April with the proceeds going towards vital funding of men’s health programs supported through the Movember Foundation.  100% of the proceeds from The Movember Collection benefit the Movember Foundation.

Brothers David and Mike Arpel, Los Angeles natives founded Related as an outlet for their passion, experience, and constant drive to innovate and influence. Related is about much more than just introducing men to a new way of thinking about style, it is a vehicle for raising awareness around some of the biggest health challenges facing men today. This includes their association with The Movember Foundation to “change the face of Men’s Health” through combating various cancers such as prostate cancer.

Bed Stu, Mott and Box and MVMT Watches also sponsored and help raise money for #KnowThyNuts #Movember.

Movember Foundation

Movember FoundationMovember offers a cool way to ‘check yourself’ with  Know Thy Nuts Soap on a rope – a pair of soap testicles on a rope, that comes with a guide to getting friendly with your testicles and serves as a constant reminder to check for any issues.

The Movember Foundation has four focal points on their mission to improve men’s health: Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Mental Health, and Physical Inactivity. In each of these avenues The Movember Foundation collaborates with prominent organizations also combating these ailments, as well as their funding strategies and impact reports with their programs.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is the second most prevalent cancer in the world, and those who survive are vulnerable for post-treatment physical and mental health ailments. Movember uses a four prong approach to fight Prostate cancer. First is to deepen the worldwide knowledge of prostate cancer through research. Second, find ways to improve the lives of men going through diagnosis and treatment. Then, to raise awareness in the public eye and finally to educate men on when and how to take action. The Movember Foundation takes a collaborative approach with TrueNTH and Prostate Cancer Outcomes to better help make in an impact for prostate cancer.

Testicular Cancer

In today’s world about 95% of testicular cancer have good outcomes and established treatments. Yet, the Movember Foundation still fights to support for the small proportion of men who do not have the optimal outcome. The Foundation attempts to further the research to deepen the knowledge of Testicular Cancer, provide support for those affected by it, educate men and boys on risk factors, and encourage men to seek treatment. The Movember Foundation works with the National Cancer Institute in the USA and Canada, while providing funding to research sponsors in Europe (EORTC) and Australia (ANZUP).

Mental Health

Regardless of age, every minute a man dies from suicide. Men being men, often don’t recognize when they are experience a health issue or may not be comfortable asking for help. To combat this The Movember Foundation develops sustainable, scalable models to improve the mental wellbeing of men, encourage men to be connected with friends and family, bring the conversation from the health system to everyday discussion, and challenge the negative aspects of masculinity as it impacts the psyche. Initiatives invested in include Like Father like Son, Farmstrong, and NewAccess in Austrailia.

Physical Inactivity

Physical Inactivity is the fourth leading risk for global mortality, approximately causing 3.2 million deaths around the world per year. The Movember Foundation is dedicated to innovating new ways to encourage physical activity and reduce the impact of a sedentary lifestyle by investing in new projects that increase our understanding on how to get men move more. This year, in collaboration with the Global Men’s Health Charity, Movember is launching MOVE a 30-day campaign to encourage physical activity. Raising Awareness on the dangers of physical inactivity, and the benefits of exercise for physical and mental health is the top priority for this initiative.


On their website, they sum it up:

“We seek to make a global contribution to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. This ambition underpins everything we do. It is the driving force behind our campaigns, funding strategy, and vision for the future.”

Since 2003, millions have joined the men’s health movement, raising $650 Million and funding over 1,000 projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. With global collaboration The Movember Foundation continues to create a change in attitudes, towards mental health and seek new funding opportunities that benefit men’s and boy’s mental health.

Movember HQ, Culver City
8559 Higuera St.
Culver City, CA 90232

Movember Foundation

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