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More Great Brands from the 2016 MTV Gifting Lounge by Secret Room Events

Aloha Aloe: These delicious drinks are all-natural, low calorie, naturally sweetened and comes in 5 flavors & is healthy for your body! Aloe contains more than 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins.


Chazer Sweetz offers a wide selection of delicious dessert-inspired apparel to celebrate deliciousness without the calories. They gifted several mouth-watering t shirts designs at the event.

Tyler Emery

Nikki Blaine Couture, celebrity stylists onsite with gorgeous new designs. Nikki Blaine was honored By National 100 Black Women at 2014 Breakthrough Women Award Ceremony.

Nikki Blaine

Nikki Blaine

Bond Pet Products presented their waterproof dog collar, made of rubber. Water resistant and easy to clean. The flexible material allows it to give. Great colors too!


Twisted Cherries are alcohol-infused extra-large Maraschino cherries! Original Cherries in Gin, Balls of Fire (!) Cherry with Whiskey were gifted, and  Twisted Cherries Jello shots set this party abuzz!


Gris Jewelry designer Allison Hall gifted her gorgeous gemstone chrystophase stretchable bracelets. Her designs are cool, yet sophisticatedand “spins an old-world sensibility with a modern sense of wanderlust.”


Hydra Vapor Tech is a high-end vaping accessories company, who specialize in sleek and stylish cases for popular vaporizers. They gifted the newest model, the Titan 2 for the Pax 2, that holds your pen, concentrate tool, concentrate container, and charger for PAX 2 Vaporizers.


Attendees received a custom Tracy Tanner clutch:

Tracy Tanner purses

Tracy Tanner purse designer

Cannabis Beauty Defined offers a family of CBD rich, anti-aging cosmetics, which has a refined logo, it is tailor-made for individuals who understand the benefits of CBD for health and beauty related needs.

Cannibis Beauty

Also onsite were, Infra-slim body contouring system, SilverCar, who gifted free car rentals for Audi A4 models and Jon Reyman’s Spoke & Weal who offered guests haircuts and color certificates.

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