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Green Blender – Fall In Love With Your Health

Green Blender delivers all the fresh whole goodies that go in your smoothie.

Green Blender Smoothies for your Health
The smoothie secret is out — they’re healthy and delicious and convenient when you want a meal on-the-go. However, it can be a challenge to keep fresh ingredients on hand, not to mention gathering the best recipes that’ll keep you wanting more.

Green Blender delivers all the fresh whole goodies that go in your smoothie.

Green Blender delivers all the fresh whole goodies that go in your smoothie.

Sure, you can buy a smoothie from the shop every morning, but the costs can add up — and it’s no substitute for a newly mixed smoothie out of your kitchen. Enter Green Blender: the service that delivers high-quality, pre-portioned fruits and vegetables, complete with recipes, for your preparation and consumption.

Green Blender Smoothie

Working local and organic farms, Green Blender brings you the best produce and superfoods for the top levels of flavor and nutrition. I like to call Green Blender, the “deconstructed” Smoothie Delivery Service. All of the whole foods and ingredients that go in a smoothie arrive fresh. There’s nothing like a homemade smoothie, and Green Blender brings the indulgence straight to your home.

Green Blender combines more than delicious ingredients to create mouthwatering concoctions — it also brings together two of today’s hottest trends: the mania for smoothies and for home delivery.


When you sign up for Green Blender, you can look forward to receiving directly at your door five new smoothie recipes and all the pre-measured ingredients to put together 10 smoothies. The recipes have been created, tried, and tested by nutritionists, so you can rest assured they’re good and good for you.

Not only nutritious, Green Blender’s recipes are educational too, as they teach you the value of each ingredient for your mind and body. Whichever combination you opt for, you can look forward to drinking down a full roster of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, and fiber. The good stuff pays off in clearer skin, heightened mental clarity, increased energy, and weight loss, not to mention reduced risk of cancer and heart disease.


How do they taste? Let’s take Green Blender’s raspberry cranapple smoothie, which combines an apple, cranberries, raspberries, maqui berry, and walnuts, along with ice and water. This drink will give you superfoods and antioxidants, and cranberries on their own are known to alleviate blood pressure and UTIs. It’s the old cranberry cocktail you might’ve enjoyed when you were younger, only much healthier.

This is only one of the drinks available from Green Blender, and you can look forward to many more of this quality from the service. You’ve always wanted fresh, delicious smoothies served up at your convenience. Green Blender makes it easier, yummier, and more affordable than ever.

Green Blender Home Delivery serviceTo start your life on a healthier path, go to their website and sign up today! It’s the perfect time of year to work on that “new you”.

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