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The Secret Room 2016 Golden Globe Gift Lounge Brands

The Secret Room brought together great brands from the U.S. and from all over the world. Gifting celebrities and VIP’s alike, both new brands and established brand unveiled new products to Hollywood…

Nadri Jewelry, a mainstay in the world of jewelry, displayed and gifted their new silver designs. Nadri pays close attention to detail to give their customers the best design and quality. Their jewelry replicates the finest craftsmanship in highline jewelry. At the Golden Globes gifting lounge they presented their new line of fine silver necklaces bracelets earrings and more. Very beautiful exquisite pieces at very reasonable prices.


Nadri with their new silver designs. A Fav Pick!

Denman Brushes are the standard for the haircare/beauty industry and gifted an assortment of their brushes, including special gold-plated elegant brushes for celebs in honor of the Golden Globes. Their brushes are endorsed by hairdressers in more than 60 countries;  Denman IS the hairdressers hairbrush.

Denman Brushes

Denman Brushes

The Travel Org enables you to keep all your necessary travel documents, currency, and other important items in one convenient, safe place. The Travel Org fits into your hand luggage ensuring you have all important traveling essentials on and. Travel Org has pockets for home and travel currency, keys, credit cards, documents/tickets and an expandable section specifically for passports/boarding passes.

Travel Org

Travel Org

Oleavicin LLC is a all-natural break-through product that provides powerful relief for cold sores, fever blisters, canker sores, dry, itchy skin and more. Oleavicin is the world’s best olive leaf extract formulation, and it works. Through Oleavicin’s proprietary process , it captures one of nature’s best cold sore remedies: highly concentrated olive leaf extract. Excellent


Ruffle Girl gifted matching mother-daughter striped scarves. Ruffle Girl is a zany,colorful and fun private label clothing line for girls encompassing bright colors, stripes, chevrons, and lots of ruffles.

Singer, Actress, Songwriter Riley Weston with Ruffle Girl.

The gals from Ruffle Girl with Singer, Actress, Songwriter Riley Weston

Myntsmile oral health, the first and only toothpaste exclusively formulated for porcelain veneers crowns and bonding. Helps protect gloss and Lester on all cosmetic dental work while it helps fight decay on tooth enamel

Tyler Emery with Diamynt

LATP’s Tyler Emery with Diamynt

Brevena provided their Intensive Foot and Heel repair with purified oat beta-glucan for soft, beautiful feet. They began as a technology that healed burned and wounded skin 20 years ago and it evolved into a profound skincare breakthrough.

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