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Chef Orlando Mulé Opens Orlando’s Pizzeria & Birreria Opens in Redondo Beach

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Italian and … French Canadian? Honestly, there’s nothing more all-American than cultures coming together, which is exactly what Orlando’s Pizzeria & Birreria offers in Redondo Beach, California.

Executive Chef Orlando Mule

Executive Chef Orlando Mule

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Chef Orlando Mulé unites the best of his multicultural heritage and upbringing in the greatest melting pot in the world. Though the combination of cuisines may sound unusual, it’s a fantastic addition to the cosmopolitan mix that fuels and distinguishes Southern California.

Get ready for tastes you’ve never expected, but will make you wonder how you could’ve gone so long without them.

Chef Mulé grew up in an Italian family who ran an Italian restaurant. The chef’s grandmother and mother cooked at the restaurant, while his father and his side of the family ran and owned a butcher shop/Italian grocery store. You could say the restaurant business was in his blood.

Together, both sides inspired the young chef to learn to love cooking and the ingredients that went into each meal. Add in the thriving mix of cultures and inspiration in Montreal, and you get the diverse palette Chef Mulé now brings to the United States.

Orlando's Pizzeria and Birreria in Redondo Beach, CA

Orlando’s Pizzeria and in Redondo Beach, CA

Eventually, they would open two restaurants, and Chef Mulé was an integral part of each: Orlando le Roi du Sous-Marin first opened in 1980, and Trattoria del Buon Gustaio followed from 1982 to 1989. Chef Mulé studied business commerce at Dawson College for two years, then put his knowledge to use as a manager, then a chef at the restaurant. After putting together 24 years of knowledge and experience, he decided to transfer his skills to the Southern California food scene, particularly Redondo Beach.

Orlando's Restaurant

Possibly the best Lamb Shank to be found in Los Angeles.

You probably already know Italian food, and Chef Mulé delivers on the favorites at Orlando’s. For example, you can look forward to Americana Pizza Pomodoro with homemade Italian sausage, capicolla forte, pancetta, and prosciutto.

Orlando's Pizzeria in Redondo Beach

The Canadian side may be less familiar to American appetites, but Chef Mulé offers an easy in with favorites such as poutine, the irresistible mix of French fries, gravy, and cheese. However, in lieu of cheese curds, the chef substitutes fresh burrata in all its unctuous glory.


Not enough for you? Top it with house-smoked brisket, braised beef, Italian meat sauce, or lobster for especially rich variations.

Orlando's Redondo Beach

Orlando’s also offers a spectacular wine list, with great wines by the glass on special every week, such as the 2011 Muscardini Cabernet, which was one of the best wines I’ve ever tried, as well as the Corte Della Rose Pino Gregio.  Also a great selection of beers and a great drink menu and bar by Cliff Williams.

Cliff Williams, bar manager of Orlando's, with a delightful flight of different draft beers.

Cliff Williams, bar manager of Orlando’s, with a delightful flight of different draft beers.

The other aspect to Montreal cuisine is its French heritage, which Chef Mulé also brings to Orlando’s. You can take comfort in such classic French bistro fare such as French onion soup and beef tartare.


One of the beauties of living in Los Angeles is the mingling of cultures, and Orlando’s in Redondo Beach epitomizes these possibilities beautifully, uniting Italian and French Canadian flavors. Even in Southern California, this combination is sure to turn heads. Rest assured — the attention is worth it, as Chef Mulé delivers intriguing and satisfying flavors. Anyone with a taste for unusual and unexpected combinations will want to make a stop at Orlando’s — and be prepared to be surprised.

Orlando’s Pizzeria & Birreria
1000 Torrance Blvd
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Tel: (310) 792-9300
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Roast beef

Roast beef

Like father, like son; the family tradition continues~

Like father, like son; the family tradition continues~


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