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Trystal Minerals, World’s First Tanning Mineral Bronzer for a Sun-Kissed Look

VITA LIBERATA, experts in luxury tanning and skincare, has recently introduced a new concept and approach to bronzing with Trystal Minerals, the world’s first self-tanning mineral bronzer for use on the face and decollate, available now at Sephora.

Trystal Minerals by VITA LIBERATA

Trystal3™ Technology is an instant pure mineral bronze color that enables long-lasting self-tan results. This innovative formula gives you a beautiful, natural-looking medium tan that lasts for days. It is oil-free with micronised crystals for sheer, lightweight bronzing coverage and added DHA in this unique bronzing powder will leave you with a soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin tone.

The Trystal Minerals Trystal3 “crystal” technology allows DHA to activate from a dry crystalline form when placed in contact with skin that has been prepped with moisturizer or liquid foundation. Using the kabuki brush, Trystal Minerals never comes in contact with your hands. After removing makeup, your face will still have a natural, bronze glow that is signature to all VITA LIBERATA products.

Simply swirl the Kabuki brush in the powder and tap the handle on the edge of the pot to evenly distribute the minerals.  Applying over moisturizer or liquid foundation, blend the powder onto the face, neck and décolleté in swiping movements.  Use more around the cheek  bones to achieve a contouring effect or a deeper tan result. The tan effect will last 3-7 days.

Watch CEO/founder Allison Hogg of Trystal Minerals on QVC:


So if you’re a busy working person who doesn’t have time in the sun, or want to avoid the negative affects of suntanning, this is a perfect solution to having beautiful sun-kissed skin!

Price/Availability: $55 (with Kabuki Brush) $45 (without Kabuki Brush)/Sephora +

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