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NKD SKN – Tan Up, Get Gorgeous Instantly

An LA’s The Place Top Pick! NKD SKN2015 Best Self Tanners

Carry over that gorgeous tan from summer into the fall season. It’s never been easier to extend the appearance of your bronze glow.

I used to tan alot and as I’ve gotten older, wanted to go easier on my skin and not put myself at risk for skin cancer. I’ve tried several different instant tanners and spray tans. I never felt good about the chemicals in the products or liked the way they smelled or felt on my skin.

I’m was impressed when I  ran across NKD SKN Self Tan… I feel this is the best self-tanner I’ve run across to date on the market. NKD SKN glides like velvet over the skin with a mitt that is included, and dries instantly so you can look bronze, sexy and streak-free in an instant.


This self-tanner has a natural fade. With its Odour Remove Technology for zero smell, it’s made with natural extracts, and it has zero toxicity! NKD SKN and VITA LIBERATA self-tanners are the safest on the market, as most other tanners are fraught with chemicals. And the icing on the cake is that they are affordable.

Additionally, the NKD SKN range recently received a score of “0” on the Think Dirty App, which encourages consumers to review the toxicity levels of the product they are using.

VITA LIBERATA also recently launched an SPF Collection (an Argan Milk and Passion Flower Dry Oil) to ensure full skin safety in the sun.

I cannot think of a better combination of pluses. I think this is the perfect product! But it keeps getting better. You have a choice of four different levels and applications: Tinted Liquid, Bronzing Tinted Lotion, Tinted Tan Mousse and the Gradual Glow Tan Moisturizer! You can find NKD SKN and VITA LIBERATA at: ULTA/

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