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Capture Life with the ViDi Action Camera is a Life Camera – “Come.See.Conquer.”

An LA’s The Place Top Pick!
As a publisher and producer, I’ve always got an eye out for unique ingenious technology and discovered ViDi Action Camera. I call it a “life camera” because it is designed to capture life in action. This camera is a video camera that is waterproof and has underwater housing, which allows you to captures and videotape whatever activity you are doing, whether it’s surfing, or a simple bike ride in the park with friends or skateboard stunts.


Athletes and ViDi Ambassadors Mohammed Rahma, Kevin Fedderson, Chad Future

I personally like to kayak. With the waterproof case and the sticky Mount with Clip, I can easily mount it anywhere and watch my journey later.

The company calls it “People’s Actioamera ”because ViDi is all about people in motion. Everyday people.  And ViDi knows what these people want when it comes to buying an action camera: Affordable, easy, and all around cool. And it also takes still shots.



What a great option to have to shoot those action moments that will last a lifetime! No more fiddling with your own cameras or cell phones, taking the chance that they will drop and break or get water damage!

ViDi Action Camera

They have thought of it all, and made this the complete package. The ViDi Action Camera kit includes:

ViDi Camera with rear touch screen- takes video or stills
4GB Micro SD Card
Transparent Waterproof case
Extension Pole
HD 720, 31 FPS
Skeleton Case
Sticky Mount with Clip
Handlebar Mount
Car Charger and USB Cable

And the best part is you get all of this for only $99.00

Here is a snowboarding video using the Extension Pole!


ViDi has a whole network set up for action video aficionados. You can join the “Action Culture Revolution” at  Here, you can watch or submit video, or just watch other friends who are blazing trails!

ViDi Action Camera

You can also be a part of something bigger. Pretty cool of a company to allow customers to have their say:

ViDi is giving you the power to vote online what you want your next camera to look like.  Your pre-order is your vote.  Choose your project design and don’t pay until enough people think it’s as cool as you do.   Oh, and they only make each project once.  Now that’s cool.


So whether you’re biking, playing a sport, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking or mountain climbing, or just having silly outdoor fun, ViDi Action Gear makes it so easy to capture all the action.



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