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Designers and Fashionistas Now Have their Own Social Media Platform with DATLOOK

Finally, a social media site for fashionistas! With the launch of DATLOOK, social media gets a fashion upgrade. DATLOOK is a new social platform where fashion aficionados and designers are able to buy, sell and share current fashion trends and designs around the web!  A place to celebrate, curate, and elevate fashion’s freshest and most innovative designers. Founded in 2014 by a team of NYC creatives, Datlook places a spotlight on your favorite brands—including the ones you’ve yet to discover. An idea that is long overdue…


The DATLOOK platform brings together fashion-forward thinkers to create a community that fosters innovation and creativity. Designers can use the platform to showcase their freshest designs and interact with the fashion community for feedback, ideas and more, by being able to upload products and photos and also supporting the brands they like by linking directly to their sites. Fashion enthusiast will have a place to share inspirations, outfits of the day, discover designers and shop designs instantly.

Aiming to help up-and-coming brands bridge the gap from beginning stages to becoming full on fashion brands, DATLOOK is also launching a virtual pop up store to highlight these brands. Every season three to four designers will be featured. While the pop-up shop will house their full collections, an additional edited package will include top seasonal picks from those same designers at an extremely affordable price.

By providing an accessible online shopping arena for designers and consumers as well as a fashion community, DATLOOK is destined to make a huge impact on the fashion industry.Our ultimate goal is to make our site a resource that anyone can reference for a fresh, millennial, and on-point view of the fashion world.”


“Datlook cultivates conversation among fashion-obsessed peers, brings attention to independent designers worldwide, and provides personal inspiration outside of the usual haunts. It’s a fashion forum, lookbook, and tear sheet, all in one.”

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