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Dr. Travis Kidner Explains Hernia Repair

Dr. Travis Kidner is a surgical oncologists practicing in the Rox Center Beverly Hills. As part of the Rox Center, he performs hernia removal procedures laparoscopic preferred, but is willing to conduct open techniques.

In this video, Dr. Travis Kindler explains what a hernia is, the variety to which a hernia occurs (e.g. Post-Surgery hernias, Birth induced groin and or abdomen hernias) and the possible dangers of an untreated hernia. To make a consultation appointment with Dr. Travis Kindler please calls 310.377.8800 or visit


My name is Travis Kidner and I am a Board-Certified general surgeon here at the Rox Center. One area I specialize in, is the surgical care of hernias.  Hernias are a defect in the abdominal wall that causes bulging and pain, and can be dangerous in some instances.

Some hernias you are born with and can develop in the groin or the abdomen, and some hernias happen after you had surgery along the incision. Some of the symptoms you have with hernias are bulging or pain in the area.

Hernias are repaired either by laparoscopic means or open techniques. Here at the Rox center we try to perform laparoscopic hernia repairs whenever possible and safe

Hernias if left untreated tend to become worse and they can become dangerous if parts of the intestines get caught in the hernia, and they need to perform at an emergent basis. We like to perform these hernia operations before they become and emergency.

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