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Get Effortless, Salon-Quality Tousle Curls with KISS InstaWave

Get the Look! Kiss Instawave
The latest trend in hair styles is, I think, one of the hottest looks ever. Effortless, tousled curls and waves are on trend for Spring. This look suits both longer and shorter hair. Except, not many of us have the time to spend on what seems to be a tedious process to get that look. But now there is KISS InstaWave, which has made it possible to attain this salon-quality look at home. Get ready in 5 minutes or less with KISS InstaWave, automatic tangle-free curler.

Personally, I’ve tried to get this look, using the typical curling iron, but didn’t quite achieve the effect I wanted. This first of it’s kind, new InstaWave by KISS makes this so simple, you’ll want to do it every day! With a push the button, you can style any type of hair effortlessly. You can even do it with one hand, and switch the direction of curls with the push of a button.

This video demonstrats how easy it is. The Look: Tousled Hot-For-Spring Curls


Celebrity hairstylist at Mizu Hair Salon, Dominick Pucciarello recommends alternating curl directions, starting with the front strands curling away from the face then the next strands towards and so on.

More Tips for Effortless Curls and Waves

Blow-dry hair using fingers to enhance the natural texture of your hair.  Make a center-part, then use KISS InstaWave to automatically catch and curl the mid-lengths of the hair, leaving the ends free, then pull down vertically.  Once hair is styled, brush through with fingers and fluff up.

To enhance and define naturally curly hair, apply a texture spray on damp hair from roots to ends.  Diffuse hair until 90% dry then use the KISS InstaWave for a more defined look.

You can create different looks by alternating the curl patterns (inward curls, outward curls) using the direction switch, or just by holding the curl longer/shorter, you can create tighter curls or looser curls. Once you get the hang of styling with the InstaWave, your choices are endless

Another Look: Tousled Ponytail

For second day hair, try a tousled ponytail.  Pull hair tightly back on the sides and tease the top for added volume.  Perfect the look with texture and curls at the ponytail using the KISS InstaWave.  Easy to hold, from any angle, with any hand – now curling the back of your hair will be a cinch.

This wonder-tool for hair retails for only $59.99! The price of one trip to the beauty salon… at least!

KISS Instawave is available at Target, and


Kiss InstaWave

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