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Dr. Jay Calvert Discusses What Makes for an Excellent Result in Liposuction

Dr. Jay Calvert, Board-certified plastic; Revision Rhinoplasty specialist

Rox Center’s Dr. Jay Calvert, Board-certified plastic surgeon

We are most aware of our physical appearance when the weather gets warmer and we expose more skin. Liposuction, or, liposculpture as it is also known as, has become a viable option for many, to address those areas that diet and exercise don’t seem to affect.

The thought of a procedure to sculpt your body and make it more appealing is attractive to many. But few really think about how a certain approach makes all the difference in the world. Exactly what is the perfect approach to take when performing liposculpture. A good plastic surgeon or doctor who performs liposcution must have an artist’s eye, and an artist talent. Watch and become aware of the secret behind getting the results of your dreams with liposuction.

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Here is Dr. Jay Calvert discussing what makes for an excellent Liposuction result:


Transcript of video:

Liposuction, or liposculpture is a procedure which is interestingly, very frequent in my practice. Patients are coming for rhinoplasty;  that’s the procedure I perform the most, but there is always that: “Hey doc, while I’m asleep, can’t you just suction a little of this, or a little of that?” And so, I wind up doing a fair amount of liposuction, and, you know, the truth is that, it’s great to do it with the rhinoplasty if it’s just a little of this and little of that. Why not, if you’re there?

So, doing a good job is very important to me, because liposuction is not what you take away, it’s about what you leave behind that makes the result.

It’s just like a sculpture. When you start with a big block of stone, it’s not the stone that you take away that makes the result, it’s what you’ve left behind that gives you the result.


And so being judicious about the methods and the approach to liposuction, I think it’s really important

And I do power-assisted liposuction, but I do a lot of no power, just plain old hand cannula liposuction without machines, that I think are somewhat uncontrolled some of the time

Power-assisted liposuction is very effective, but you know again at the same time you don’t always need to have the power assist, you don’t always need a machine to make a great result

Often times you could do it just with plain hand liposuction with tumescent technique and I think this really allows you to contour things beautifully and in a very controlled manner.

Because that’s where you see these liposuction disasters, are really from people that have had too much liposuction at one time with very powerful machines.  Either it’s ultra-sonic or power-assisted, or whatever… and it’s not that the machines are bad, just that too much was done at once and attention was not placed on what to leave behind. It was placed on what we are taking out.

So, there is all of this: “Well, I got 4000 cc’s out of this one…” That’s not the point! If you only get out 150 cc’s and it looks great…well then you have really hit the home run that your patient wants.

Because this about results. It’s not about numbers, it’s not about methods, it’s not about anything other than: “How great does this patient look when I am done.”


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