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More Great SWAG from WOW! Creations 2015 Pre Oscar Gifting Suite

WOW! Creations’ Pre-Oscar Lounge Brought Together Great Brands and Celebrities ~ Continued!

Oscar-nominated editors from "American Sniper", Joel Cox and Gary D. Roach enjoying the WOW! Creations pre-Oscar gifting lounge.

Oscar-nominated editors from “American Sniper”, Joel Cox and Gary D. Roach

Daily Body Restore is an amazing product. This custom, unique formulation combines 9 different probiotic strains and 10 digestive enzymes  for rejuvenation of the body. The probiotics put back the good bacteria into your body, that is destroyed when you take anti-biotics. The digestive enzyme blend assists with the digestion of fats, carbs, fiber and proteins. This has shown to improve one’s health within a month. Excellent product.

Daily Body Restore

Daily Body Restore CEO (L)

Sarah’s Skinny Sweets are amazing delicious, and the best part, besides the taste, is that Sarah offers an array of sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, and paleo desserts. Using the power of coconut, Sarah’s Skinny Sweets are revered as the most moist, certified Gluten-free cookie on the market!

Sarah's Skinny Sweets

Sarah with GG from Shah’s of Sunset.

Jellyboxx is the ultimate iPhone case! It’s the only bouncy case to protects your iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. It actually bounces when it drops. Result: no damage to your beloved iPhone! Jellyboxx uses a specialized rubber and chain to protect and promote the style and security every lifeline needs. The long chain makes it a cool accessory. And, it’s ergonomically designed.

Christian Santa and LATP's Tyler Emery with Jellyboxx.

Christian Santa and LATP’s Tyler Emery with Jellyboxx.

Kathy Fielder featured her unique feathered and faux fur vests, clutches, and home goods. Based out of Texas, Kathy Fielder’s products portray the rustic luxury the Lone Star state has to offer.

Matt Harris, Kathy Fielder, Mark Harris and friend.

Matt Harris, Kathy Fielder, Mark Harris and friend.

Rosalinde Candles meticulously blends fragrances using the finest essential oils.  Their fine home products include lovely scented soy candles and wax mounts to put on your light bulbs to scent the room.

Rosalinde Candles

Rosalinde Candles

Le Karite Products offer 100% organic, vegan, organic shea body butter Products. Le Karite Shea Butter has a variety of uses whether it is for hair or skin, Le Karite Shea Butter moisturizes and reinvigorates through nutrients.


Inspyred CreationsInspyred Creations are fabulous, hand-crafted jewelry,  repurposed from old watches! Utilizing the inside mechanisms of watches, uses the intricate looking works and turns them into literal works of art.  There were necklaces, earrings, tie clasps, bracelets and more. Very impressive.

DeVine Gallery owner susan Devine produces elegantly hand-painted fine art that elicits nostalgia and a sense of nurturing. Susan is known for her repertoire of landmark scenes around Southern California, La Jolla, and Mexico.

dvine gallery

We can see why Confetti Sweets is a renown bakery! Their cookies are the reason why we love cookies! They are chewy, tasty, the perfect blend of the most favored flavors,  scrumptious, preservative free, freshly baked cookies. Confetti Sweets said they use only the highest quality ingredients including high-quality Callebaut™, Foothills Creamery™ butter, and/or Belgium chocolate. Well done!

Confetti Sweets Cookies

Confetti Sweets Cookies

Grand Maison De Blanc is a high-end linen company, who have mastered the art of bedding. With a full line of customizable products, Grand Mason De Blanc offers only the best for your bedroom or bath.

Dorothy’s Candies feature handcrafted chocolate candy and truffles made in Pittsburgh for the past 65 years.The secret to Dorothy’s Candy is they make every piece of swiss chocolate to create the perfect texture taste that is only possible through handcrafted techniques.

Author Amber Grayson Vayle of Lyrical Lip Service

Author Amber Grayson Vayle of Lyrical Lip Service

Lyrical Lip Service is a full-service audiobook and entertainment production company that helps other authors to reach success in their literary endeavors.  They were gifting attendees with a written book called “Waking the Wren.” 

A ‘different’ approach to tantalizing your taste buds…but damn good tequila!

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