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Rox Center’s Dr. Marc Kayem Offers Outpatient Balloon Sinuplasty for Sinusitus [VIDEO]

Dr. Marc Kayem, Rox Center, Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Marc Kayem, Rox Center, Beverly Hills, CA

Rox Center’s Dr Marc Kayem now offers relief from Sinusitus using Balloon Sinuplasty, a proven, cutting-edge, out-patient procedure. In the past, patients had to resort to surgery to accomplish what is now possible. See his video interview below explaining this exciting alternative.

Thanks to Dr. Kayem, his out-patient  procedure will immediately open the sinus cavity, with a 92% success rate that permanently  improves breathing and sleeping. Patients report amazing results with almost no down time, no pain, and a complete recovery to return to a normal lifestyle with better breathing, sleeping.

This is also very valuable for children who suffer with sleep apnea. Dr. Kayem has an outstanding reputation working successfully with children to help them sleep better and breath better.

Dr Marc Kayem, who is a Board-Certified Otolaryngologist, also specializes in rhinoplasty and the treatment of sleep apnea, the Pillar Procedure, for snoring  and other conditions associated with sinus problems.

Educated at Royal College of Canada, University of Ottowa and University of Montreal , Dr Kayem has enormous experience dealing with head and neck surgeries, and managing sinus diseases, as well as cosmetic procedures on the nose and face.

The ability to breathing well is key to good health. To make a consultation appointment with Dr. Marc Kayem, call 310.777.7879 or visit

Rox Center is located at 465 N Roxbury Dr #1001, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Dr. Kayem is also a Team Physician to National Hockey League (NHL), Los Angeles Kings

Don’t Suffer With Sinusitus

In one of his recent interviews, Dr Kayem talks about the latest technique using Balloon Sinuplasty.


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Written by David Atmajoana


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