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Rox Breast Center for Breast Cancer Recovery & Reconstruction

At the Rox Breast Center, patients can look forward to holistic, complete care from a network of talented and knowledgeable health professionals. The surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, oncologists, and geneticists at the Rox Breast Center are united in their pursuit of the best treatment plan for each patient, mixing equal parts expertise and dedication. Patients can rest assured they’ll receive the highest-quality care, personalized to their needs, from the best minds in the field. The Rox Breast Center puts patients first on their path to healthy, fulfilled lives.

Rox Breast Center, Beverly Hills

The Rox Breast Center offers a wide range of procedures, starting with breast cancer screening and, if necessary, all the way to mastectomy and reconstruction. Early detection of breast cancer typically offers the best chance for full treatment and recovery, and here, the Rox Breast Center can provide routine screening. Should additional services such as biopsies, surgeries, and genetic testing be required, Rox experts are there every step of the way.

For women who must undergo surgical treatment of breast cancer, the Rox Breast Center offers breast-conserving therapy, mastectomy (both skin- and nipple-sparing), staging of the axilla, and port placement and removal (for patients undergoing chemotherapy). Depending on the woman’s diagnosis, the next step could be breast reconstruction, if she so chooses.

The doctors at Rox Breast Center are among the best in the business in breast reconstruction and breast surgical oncology:

Dr. Travis Kidner, Dr. Eliza Jasmine Tran, Dr. Chopra and Dr. Eko

Dr. Travis Kidner, Dr. Eliza Jasmine Tran, Dr. Chopra and Dr. Eko

Dr. Travis Kidner is a board-certified Surgical Oncologist and General Surgeon, certified by the American Board of Surgery, providing a multidisciplinary approach to treating cancer. Watch Dr. Kidner discuss his Breast-sparing cancer treatment here: Dr. Travis Kidner Breast-Sparing Cancer Treatment.

Dr. Eliza-Jasmine Tran was first inspired to provide reconstructive surgical care for breast cancer patients while earning her medical degree at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. Her interest and expertise has brought her to the Rox Breast center, where she conducts breast reconstruction using either implants or the patient’s own tissues. Meet Dr. Tran here: Dr. Eliza Jasmine Tran

Dr. Ritu Chopra combines his engineering education with intensive training in general surgery and channels those skills into plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Rox Breast Center.

Dr. Frederick Eko is highly trained plastic surgeon who studied and trained at several prestigious institutions, notably Tulane University’s Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery program, where he pursued intense training in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery for the head, neck, breast, chest, abdominal wall, and upper and lower extremities.

The doctors and health care professionals at the Rox Breast Center are united in one all-encompassing regard: putting each patient first, every time. This starts with such basics as service excellence and a value on patient safety, then extends into expertise and know-how.

Patients can expect multidisciplinary collaboration, state-of-the-art surgical skill, cutting-edge evidence-based practice, and optimized natural aesthetic reconstruction.

Breast cancer is never an easy topic, but the Rox Breast Center can help ease the patient’s path through this difficult time.

At the Rox Breast Center, patients can expect the utmost consideration and care, paired with smart, advanced medical practices. From early screening through to surgery and therapy, the Rox Breast Center wants to be a place that puts a woman at ease, even at her most vulnerable.

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