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0.2 Fragrance Replicates Love at First Sight

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea! 

020.2 Fragrance is bringing perfume to new standards with a scent that is intended to replicate love at first sight. Launching February 1st, just in time for Valentine’s Day, 0.2 is a brand new fragrance concept that brings together an exhilarating scent profile with a monumental purpose.

Created with the goal to spread love with every spritz, 0.2 empowers people to seek out and be open to inheriting the world they aspire to live in- whether it be self-love, true love or love for all beings.

Science has revealed that the sensation of love at first sight can occur just one fifth of a second after seeing someone for the first time. 0.2 seconds is all the time it takes for our bodies to release the endorphins and other hormones that entice the emotion of love.

0.2 was created by positive-intention brand innovator, Holly Riddel, whose mission was to develop not just a state of the art fragrance, but a vehicle for spreading and rejoicing under the concept of love.

Having come from a background in gemology and positive intention jewelry, Riddel teamed up with a renowned perfumer behind the Kai brand, blending her established quiver of recipes and genuine goal of spreading love into this new fragrance that is at once intoxicating and ethereal.Bringing this concept to light and manifesting positive intentions in a bold fragrance has never been done before, until now.

“When I learned that it only takes a fifth of a second to fall in love, I knew that I had to infuse a powerful fragrance with this intention,” says Holly Riddel, creator of 0.2. “I wanted to create a fragrance that empowered people to realize they were in charge of their own destiny, and that 0.2 seconds is all we need to change the course of our lives.”This ethereal scent – different on every dermis – evokes deep chemical reactions created by the most holistic and finest, essential and fragrance oils.

Top tiers of Italian Bergamot and Spearmint are used for mental stimulation and clarity, in order to introduce you to a fresh musk accord that is clean yet earthy. Infused with Tunisian Amber that is grounded by a hint of Oakmoss to keep you in the moment, and entrap you in your senses.

0.2 Pricing:

$40, 7.5 ML Travel Spray
$80, 50 ML Eau de Parfum
$120, 100 ML Eau de Parfum

Shop online at, or at Ron Robinson / Fred Segal and other select retailers across the US. As well as follow them on their social media outlets at; Instagram: @0point2 Twitter: @0_Point_2

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