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Dr. Jay Calvart Explains Septoplasty and the Common Misconceptions Associated with it

Dr. Jay Calvert is a world-renown Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Revision Rhinoplasty. Throughout his career he has developed advanced expertise in Rhinoplasty, facial aesthetics, and minimally invasive endoscopic brow and facelifts, in which he has become a recognized leader in Revision Rhinoplasty.

Dr. Calvert pioneered the technique of diced cartilage and fascia for the bridge of the nose with his mentor, Dr. Rollin Daniel. Check out the article here… – See more at:

We recently asked Dr. Calvert the question:  “What is Septoplasy and what are the common misconceptions associated with it?”

Dr. Jay Calvert of the Rox Surgical Center notes that Septoplasty is a procedure to correct a deviated septum, and it is often misunderstood as removing the septum but in actuality the best techniques involves preserving or reconstructing the septum so the patient has a higher level of air flow and function while straightening the septum as much as possible. The key to success is to achieve a balance between preserving the structure of the septum , improving air flow and providing the patient with a more normal breathing function with minimal invasive methods for fast recovery and healing. For more awareness of this Septoplasty watch the video to learn more!


Dr. Jay Calvert is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and Founder of the Prestigious Rox Surgical Center in Beverly Hills and Orange County, California.  For a consultation appointment call 310.777.8800 or visit

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