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Vanda is an LA’s The Place Top Pick for 2014!

Vanda has been a mainstay of the awards gifting suites, including the Emmys and Oscars, where celebrities and tastemakers have indulged in Soul Treatment collections and gift boxes. But her luxury collections are no longer exclusive to the rich and famous; they’re available to anyone who wants to indulge in their more spiritual side without giving up the luxurious touch.

The woman behind these creations, Vanda is a spiritual guru, with gifts as a divine energy healer, light worker, and spiritual activist. In addition, she is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, designer, and executive, and all these roles are concentrated on helping people tune into their real selves by clearing their blocking energy.

Soul Treatment Packages

At the core of Vanda’s philosophy and outlook is nurturing your body and your environment, and the Soul Treatment packages drive this message straight home.

The Foot Soul Treatment and Hand Soul Treatment packages are the perfect introduction to Vanda, economically priced treats that address two crucial sites on your body. As Vanda points out, your feet carry your body and the world you create, and you’d be well advised to treat them with their due respect. Your hands, meanwhile, contain vital chakra points and healing powers. Both packages contain Soult — pure, untouched, and unprocessed salt to drain the impurities and negative charge in your body, opening it to healing and revitalization.


The Protect You Gift Box
Branching out, Vanda cultivates a healing environment as well, and she offers several packages to clear and purify your local surroundings. The Protect You Gift Box includes the Soulva Stick, a Soul Love Candle, and the Soult Pouch to clear your home of stress, negativity, and bad energy. Used together, they create a clean, open space for optimum energy and clarity.


The Raise Your Wisdom and Intuition Gift Box

When you need an extra boost and energy for a breakthrough, you’ll want Vanda’s Raise Your Wisdom and Intuition Gift Box to unblock your inner fog and the trapped energy, leading you to greater awareness. However, if you’re seeking a change of pace, the Renew Your Space Gift Box can shake up your home, office, or other sacred ground and unlock your consciousness for that crucial piece of inspiration.

The Gift of Peace Gift Box 
Vanda has also considered the other side of energy: peace and tranquility. The Gift of Peace Gift Box includes a Soult Bath, a Soul Love Candle, and custom matches. Use them all at once, as you draw a Soult Bath to cleanse yourself of impurities and negative energy, with the Soul Love Candle blazing nearby.

The Forgiveness Gift Box can be a present to yourself or to a friend. Regardless of the recipient, the Forgiveness Gift Box is all about releasing the energy that’s no longer useful for you, to move you closer to your ultimate goal. With three bags of Forgiveness Soult, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to soak out your negative energy and graduate to the next stage of well-being.


The Sympathy Gift Box
Vanda has packages expressly made for gifting. The Sympathy Gift Box includes seven candles and custom matches, along with a prayer, for seven days of illumination guiding not only the departed soul, but the grieving beings too.

The Luxury House Warming Gift Box
For more celebratory times, the Luxury House Warming Gift Box includes three sticks of Soulva and a bottle of True You mist. Together, they protect, fortify, and cleanse the home, creating a strong, pure foundation for you to build on.


Vanda’s line of Soul Treatments and Gift Boxes were created for the spiritual seeker and for anyone seeking greater balance and clarity in their lives. Now you can take home a piece of Vanda’s magic to unlock your spirituality and open the doors to all possibilities.

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