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Explore the World of Food with Nat Geo’s New Food Shows

Top chefs, celebrity food judges, and culinary world stars gathered at the Roof on Wilshire to celebrate Nat Geo’s new menu of food shows, specifically Chef Eric Greenspan’s “Eric GreenSpan is Hungry” and Zane Lamprey‘s new show, “CHUG”.

Chef Eric Greenspan with his creation "Hog Wellington" from his show "Eric Greenspan is Hungry"

Chef Eric Greenspan with his creation “Hog Wellington” from his show “Eric Greenspan is Hungry” Photo credit: Nat Geo

The National Geographic Channel, or “Nat Geo” as it is affectionately known, is seen in 171 countries and is in 48  languages, and now expands its programming to include popular subjects – FOOD and DRINK, with two new series, Eric Greenspan is Hungry and Zane Lamprey‘s CHUG.

Chug's Zane Lamprey on the road.

Chug’s Zane Lamprey on the road. Photo credit: Nat Geo

Both shows premiered on Nov. 24th is aimed at capturing  a younger, hipper  demographic interested in food and libations…but taken in new directions by both Eric Greenspan and Zane Lamprey, both fearless explorers of the beast and the booze.

Eric Greenspan is Hungry

Eric Greenspan,  celebrity LA chef and restaurateur (of Los Angeles’s the Foundry and the Roof on Wilshire) was formerly featured on Food Network’s Next Iron Chef, and has been featured as a judge and contestant, beating chef icon Bobby Flay on an episode of Iron Chef. His LA based restaurants The Foundry and  The Roof on Wilshire  have gotten rave reviews and his culinary point of view works magically with the Nat Geo new TV series “Eric Greenspan is Hungry.”

The theme of this new show is exploring hoof, horn and tail throughout the heartland with the men who hunt and cook their catch–Greenspan and his trusted sidekick, Captain Mauzner hit the road in search of authentic American prey and rustic preparations in sometimes dangerous places

Here’s a preview. This is from the “Let’s Go Get Us A Hog” episode:


Indulge your self with CHUG

Zane Lampley’s new series CHUG takes him in search of new and exotic libations using some of the worlds most interesting ingredients sampled in all four corners of the world. Zane, comedian and TV host is an accomplished pub crawler and owner of Monkey Rum, a premium Caribbean barrel aged rum  that has won several awards. In the exciting new series, Zane travels the world visiting breweries, distilleries and wineries , local dives and watering holes all in search of new ingredients and techniques for creating interesting concoctions.

Nat Geo's Chug Host Zane Lamprey (rt) with LATP's Jane Emery

Nat Geo’s Chug Host Zane Lamprey (rt) with LATP’s Jane Emery

TV personality and culinary judge Simon Majumdar also attended the party. He is featured in Nat Geo’s “EAT: The Story of Food,” a six-hour documentary miniseries that takes on the enormous role of food on human evolution and how it shapes our society. and can be seen in for his Nat Geo show. It was a perfect fit for Simon, as he states, “Because — even before I was in what I call my second-life career in food, because I was originally a book publisher — the history of food and the way it impacts on people and cultures, and the impact of people and cultures on it, has always been my great obsession.

Catch Simon Majumdar on the new season of “Cutthroat Kitchen”‘s new 2015 season.

simon majumdar

Chef/Judge and food historian Simon Majumdar (rt) with Jane Emery, editor in chief of LA’s The Place Magazine.

Nat Geo is part of Shaw Media which includes HG TV and Food Network  was created as  a collaboration between National Geographic Society and Fox Network Channels. The popular reality TV channel has created captivating shows that focus on most interesting and sometimes frightening science and natureexploration and adventure and the natural world.

The party took place at Eric Greenspan’s Roof on Wilshire, which featured Eric’s delicious ‘comfort food’ style eats and featured a thanksgiving Pie Sale and Tasting to Benefit Local charity Project Angel Food.

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