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Revolutionary ScarAway Patented Technology Helps You Heal And Treat Your Scars

ScarAway is a revolutionary patented silicone technology that can be used from the comfort of your own home to treat and prevent abnormal scarring. If you’ve been someone who has suffered with unsightly scars after an accidental trauma, surgery or burns, ScarAway can be the solution.  People have raved about this product; many were actually startled at the phenomenal results they experienced; most people are pleasantly surprised at what they discovered in such a difference in the appearance, shrinkage or removal of their scars.

If you’ve ever had a mole removal, biopsy, burn, injury or surgery, you know they can often be in very visible areas, including your face, neck or hands. Nothing is more uncomfortable than to feel everyone is noticing your scar as much or more than you do. With ScarAway you can often flatten and reduce the color, texture and size of your scar as quickly and easily as 10 days. More pronounced or older scars may take longer, but you now have an effective treatment option at your finger tips, so you can make living with scars a thing of the past.


*Silicone Daily Discs or Flex Long Sheets*

Thousands of people live with the daily reminder of scars, and, left untreated, can cause undue hurt and loss of self esteem. In the past, there haven’t been many scar removal treatments available for home use that could live up to the same medical grade used by plastic surgeons, hospitals and burn centers.

ScarAway is sweeping the country and giving many people back their confidence and enjoyment of life. Yes, this is the same product you may have seen featured on The Doctors television show or read about in Shape or Prevention Magazine.

New ScarAway Flex Long Sheets are ideal to shrink, flatten or fade longer scars that may result from C-sections, tummy tucks, orthopedic procedures or other surgeries, injuries or burns. They feature their new Flexisil techology and they deliver slight direct pressure that mimics the natural barrier function of healthy skin. They measure in at 1.5 x 7 and diminish the scar’s appearance by restoring your skin to a more natural texture and color.

ScarAway Facts:

No prescription is necessary and you are getting professional grade silicone discs featuring the same advanced silicone technology previously available only to medical professionals. ScarAway Daily Discs are clear, disposable matte. They measure 1.375″ and are perfect for those smaller scars of one inch or less in diameter. Light weight, flexible and super thin material makes wearing the discs comfortable and convenient. They are easy to apply and virtually invisible.  SRP $24.99 for a box of 30 discs (one-month supply).

With their superior stretching and adhesion capabilities, ScarAway Flex Long Sheets are ideal for scars located on or near joints and complement an active lifestyle.  SRP $29.99 for a box of 6 sheets (two month supply).

You need only apply ScarAway one time per day and forget about it until your next treatment. You can use them day or night and they won’t stick to clothing. Scars may appear and feel to be softer in just a few weeks but visible results may take as little as 4-8 weeks to be noticeable. This product is both drug and latex free.

ScarAway is really a remarkable product and you can easily purchase it locally from many top retailers such as your local Walgreens, Albertsons or CVS pharmacies. You can also visit their web site for more information, details or an extensive list of local retailers and other ScarAway products.

If you or someone you know has suffered with scarring and have been looking for answers, this may be the product you’ve been searching for. We fully believe this patented silicone technology could change the way you see yourself, and restore the confidence and self esteem you’ve been missing.

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