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Queen and Adam Lambert Tour the U.S. With A Stop At the Fabulous Forum

Written by Susie Salva

Classic rockers Queen are still alive and kicking with the help of American Idol Season 8 runner up Adam Lambert considered the “new guy,” as quoted by original band member Brian May. The show was staged at the recently renovated Fabulous Forum in Inglewood. The mood was palpable, frenetic and, absolutely exciting.


Freddy Mercury may unfortunately be gone, but never forgotten. The show was spectacular with huge video screens on both sides of the stage as their music was performed from their extensive catalog of material…exactly what their loyal fans were clamoring for.

Lambert’s acrobatic vocals were fantastic as was expected. He knew when to pull back and shout out loud. He was in full commanded of the stage. A cool feature was another stage situated in the middle of the amphitheater attached to a lighted catwalk. On each side of the stage were two huge moving staircases. The inner stage and the ladders were an attempt to bring the band closer the their fans. Smoke surrounded the stage as the purple curtain with the Queen logo flew up revealing a huge circular screen with lights adorning the this video screen.

Now I’m Here,” was an interlude before diving into “Stone Cold Crazy,” and playing “Another One Bites the Dust.” “Fat Bottom Girls,” incited the fans as Queen dug deep into their catalog  performing “Lap of the Gods,” and “Seven Seas of Rhye.”

Lambert erupted on stage dressed all in leather with studs on the jacket and on the side of his leather pants. He had on a pair of sunglasses showing himself off with his swagger.  He was wearing the first of four pairs of shoes proving that he is uber fashionable.

Part of the show fans come to expect included Lambert’s keen sense style. His first pair of shoes had gold on the heels. Then he sported platform heels with sequins all over them. He was wearing a fringed jacket and lace shirt and copper pegged leg pants. Then he wore a black lace shirt with gold shoes and then he ended up wearing leopard pants and matching jacket and shoes.

The crowds were eager to see what he would be wearing along with being thrilled by his musical prowess. He worked the crowd at times saying, “How are you doing bitches?” joking and then laughing his recognizable laugh. It was obvious that he was not ever trying to upstage Mercury but in fact he made every effort to put his unique spin on the songs.

He was also campy at one point laying on a purple sofa and fanning himself while singing “Killer Queen.” His tongue and cheekiness is what the audience is expecting to see of this consummate entertainer. The following songs caused a frenzy by the crowd “Somebody to Love,” “I Want it All,” and “Love of My Life.”

Dr. Brian May‘s signature guitar work was show cased half way through the performance. He came center stage with his completely original guitar sound. Roger Taylor, the other original drummer played the obligatory drum solo on “Days of Our Lives.” He explained to the audience that it was “Nice to be playing original  material without backing dancers.” Other fan favorites included “Under Pressure,” Love Kills,” Who Wants to Live Forever,” “Tie Your Mother Down,” “Radio Gaga,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” and “The Show Must Go On.”

Lambert had the sold-out arena enraptured! It was hard to believe that he hadn’t been playing with the band for such a short period of time. Queen did not disappoint playing all their hits with their signature sound. The band played homage to Mercury with video montages of the crooner striking a sad cord with the fans.

One highlight had to be when at the encore the band performed “Bohemian Rhapsody” with the video montage that was originally used on the MTV rotation of that iconic song. The crowd went nuts. Finishing off the nights set Lambert came out wearing an bejeweled crown while singing, “Will Rock You,” and “We are the Champions,” as the auditorium erupted singing along to this iconic song.

The crowd was anticipating that song all evening long. The show was immensely entertaining and the crowd got their hard earned monies worth. If you have a chance go out and seek out this show in your area you will definitely have a good time. The band is currently touring North America later on Australia.

Adam Lambert with Queen



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