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Calling Jenny McCarthy! Hollywood Freedom Laser Therapy Offering $1 Million To Help You Quit Smoking And Become Their Ambassador

jenny mccarthyJenny McCarthy is center stage for more controversy, something she handles with flair and style all her own. She recently learned she would not be returning to the ABC TV talk show, The View.

Back in April of 2013, Craig Nabat, President of a Los Angeles-based nicotine addiction clinic, Freedom Laser Therapyoffered her a cool $1 million dollar paycheck if she’d stop endorsing Blu e-cigs and come onboard to endorse his invention – an all-natural, nicotine-free Freedom Quit Smoking System, which Jenny declined.

Now he’s back, upping his original offer to include a donation of $100,000 worth of Freedom Quit Smoking kits to the charity of her choice if she simply agrees to meet with him and discuss the offer. Nabat, a one time pack and a half a day smoker himself, has gone through his own struggles to end his smoking addiction. After his own personal success, he was inspired to share his knowledge and methods to help other’s break free from their own addictions. He established the Los Angeles-based Freedom Laser Therapy in April 2003.

Drawing from years of experience working with smokers, Craig developed the revolutionary Freedom Quit Smoking System designed for the convenience of home use in mind. The Freedom Quit Smoking System is quickly growing into America’s #1 preferred quit smoking method.

There are currently 42 million people addicted to nicotine. This system offers smokers the ability to free themselves from nicotine addiction in as little as 10 days. It’s all-natural, promises no side effects, and confidently offers a 30-day risk free trial with a money-back guarantee.

Freedom Quit Smoking System

With a 70% success rate of helping smoker’s successfully achieve their goals in becoming non smokers, this is an all natural way to improved health benefits and put an end to addiction once and for all.

The system its self includes a Freedom relaxation headset that features auricular therapy and tranquil music, as well as healing laser lights targeting specific pressure points in your ears, to help you relax.

The headset alone is beneficial for all. Also in the nicely packaged system is an FDA-approved nicotine craving-control spray made from all natural ingredients, that helps relieve withdrawal symptoms.

There is a very effective audio therapy cd, alone with  an aversion-therapy wristband,  that, in combination, help you overcome the psychological addiction.

Unlike any system I’ve seen, antioxidants are included to help detox the body and fight against toxins. This assists you in restoring your health as you lose your cravings. You also have tools for tracking your success and helping you to remain a non smoker. [youtube][/youtube]

Jenny McCarthy is the perfect combination of passion, beauty, rebellion, and strong personal convictions. Channeled with the Freedom Quit Smoking System she is the perfect person to help educate others on the dangers of smoking and how easy it can be to stop your own nicotine addiction. Not only is Jenny perfect for this system, but we love her even more when she becomes a rebel with a cause.

Say “Yes” Jenny! We’d love to see you kicking your own habit and helping other’s do the same. Freedom Quit Smoking System has recently been featured on The Doctors, NBC, CBS, Fox News, Access Hollywood, Huffington Post Live and ESPN Radio.

To find out more about the system or to try it for yourself visit:

Watch CEO Craig Nabat talking about his Freedom Quit Smoking System at the GBK Emmy Gift Lounge: [youtube][/youtube]


Actor Jeff Daniels with Craig Nabat

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