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MD Insider – Finally, A Patient’s Solution to Getting The True Stats on Physicians

With health care making headlines daily, it seems the increase in options has increased the confusion as well. MD Insider wants to clear some of the mystery with the Physician Performance Transparency solution. MD Insider takes the billions of data points about physician experience, quality, and cost to compile a comprehensive portrait of each doctor in their health care network.

MD Insider

MD Insider

Armed with this information, employers — and the workers in their company — can find the highest-performing and most cost-effective doctors for their treatment.

“MD Insider provides the facts you and your employees need to choose the best doctors at the lowest cost.”

Facts and data are king in the current age of health care — not only on the physician’s side, but the patient’s too. But too much data is overwhelming and sometimes hard to come by. With the Physician Performance Transparency, MD Insider has gathered the most pertinent info for use by employers and employees. As the patients, the employees will appreciate the level of care. As the health care funders, employers will appreciate the benefits to the bottom line.

Best of all, Physician Performance Transparency is accessible through an easy-to-use Web portal. Open up your browser, go to, and start searching physicians, according to health plan and health criteria. With a few clicks, employees can view never-­before­-seen physician performance stats, such as experience and cost.

As David Norris, CEO of MD Insider, notes, people do not pick a doctor based solely on cost. He continues: “Physician Performance Transparency goes well beyond just cost, to provide the key measures that all of us as patients want to know. This enables employers to lower their health care costs significantly, while helping employees to have better care.”

“How do I know who the “highest performing” doctors in my physician network are?”

MD Insider has gathered significant performance data on more than 800,000 doctors, including the tally of procedures the physician has performed over the course of 18 months, the price tag for the procedure, the outcome of the procedure, and more important data.

Data on its own is of little use to the average consumer, so MD Insider has done the hard work by collecting, organizing, and analyzing the most relevant information on the doctors in a network, then making it searchable and actionable by the average consumer.

Through Physician Performance Transparency, MD Insider provides data on experience, quality, and cost of doctors in health care networks. Self-insured employers can take advantage of this big data bonanza to drive down health care costs, while also finding the best-quality physicians available.

For more information on Physician Performance Transparency, visit on the Web.

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