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Finally. A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Pillow Comfort – MyPillow®

My Pillow Best Pillow! * An LA’s The Place TOP PICK for 2014 *

Recently, we met with Michael J. Lindell, inventor and CEO of My Pillow, Inc. You can say that Mike sells sleep. He has basically thought of everything that the traditional pillow lacks and came up with a pillow that is superb and includes every desired quality. You get more ‘REM’ sleep with his pillow because it relaxes your next muscles which in turn relaxes your entire body. You’ll love the way it adjusts to the unique curvature of your neck.

 Michael J. Lindell, inventor and CEO of My Pillow, Inc

Michael J. Lindell, inventor and CEO of My Pillow, Inc.

MyPillow® from My Pillow, Inc. is a patented, revolutionary breakthrough in pillow comfort, health, and support.

Say Mike Lindell: “I have developed one of the few US Patented Pillows made 100% in the USA. My unique design allows you to choose from 5 different lofts allowing MyPillow® (your pillow) to adjust for your maximum comfort. It is washable and dryable. Best of all, it has a 10-year warranty guaranteeing. It will not go flat!”

Comedian/actress Melissa McCarthy signing a MyPillow to be auctioned off for charity.

Comedic actress Melissa McCarthy signing a MyPillow at an Oscar event, to be auctioned off for charity.

Sleep is everything. If you don’t get enough sleep, it not only makes you less productive, but also affects your health, and even your weight. I have forever been in search of that ‘just right’ pillow, and my search happily ended when I found MyPillow®. Since using MyPillow®, I have gotten the best sleep I’ve ever had…every night!

Perfect for the busy mom or dad, student in need of quality sleep, athletes who need deep sleep for their muscles to recover, people with neck/back problems, people who snore…and anyone who want to maintain a strong immune system, or maintain a youthful appearance, which, without the right deep sleep, you won’t get! Getting a good night sleep is vital to everything.

You may have seen Mike Lindell on one of his many infomercials for MyPillow, or as a regular on QVC. He is a celebrity in his own right, having invented the best-selling and most comfortable pillow in the US.

MyPillow® features an interlocking patented fill that adjust to each individual’s needs regardless of sleep position. It forms to your shape- their patented 3-piece interlocking fill gently cradles your head and neck. Stays just the way you like it all night long.

Another great feature is that it stays cool! No more sweaty heads! MyPillow® Premium creates a cooling effect throughout the night, keeping you cool and comfortable.

MyPillow® is machine washable and warranted not to go flat for 10 years.  The money-back guarantee shows the quality of his product. They offer a 60-night guarantee, a 10-year warranty on their pillows and a 5-year warranty on our MyPillow® Topper and MyPillow® for Pets Pillows!

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