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CHARGEKEY Cellphone Charger for iPhone and Android by NOMAD

CHARGEKEY is a house key-shaped portable charger that conveniently fits on your keychain, so it’s always with you when you need it. It’s the world’s smallest, most portable USB cable, that charges your phone and allows for charging from any USB port and full data transfer, when connected to a computer.
CHARGEKEY is the world’s most portable USB charging cable for iPhone and Android (Micro USB). It works just like a standard USB cable for charging/syncing.
The cables are just like your standard white Apple charging cables or a micro USB cable. They plug into any USB port (computer, wall charger, external battery pack, etc.) and then into your phone.
USB ports are standard worldwide, so plug into any USB –  Flat screen TV, printer, game console, computer, wall, many cars and airplanes.
NOMAD cables charge at the same speed as your white Apple cable or micro USB cable. The speed of the charge does not depend on the cable, but the USB port’s output power.
The company, NOMAD, design products for the 21st century nomad.They initially invented the ChargeCard. They are headquartered in San Francisco and focused on providing simple solutions to basic problems.
ChargeCard and ChargeKey are just the beginning of their modern, minimalist lifestyle brand. These products were made out of necessity! “We were sick of our phones dying on a daily basis, so we designed a cable to be as mobile as we are.”
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