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Dr. Jay Calvert On Blog Talk Radio Discusses Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills

Jay Calvert, M.D.

Jay Calvert, M.D.

Rox Center‘s Dr. Jay Calvert  interviewed by Sylvia the Beverly Hills RN, on Blog Talk Radio, about Plastic Surgery Review websites.

Here he discuss Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty and other plastic surgeries that he specializes in:

Sylvia the Beverly Hills RN:  Dr. Calvert, what is your favorite surgery?

Dr. JC:  Well, I love doing rhinoplasty. I do about 200 rhinoplasties a year. I love doing face lifts and breasts. And I sort of focus doing those 3 things. But Rhino is my number one. Check out realself for info, ratings and reviews on Dr. Calvert HERE

SE:  When I’m in the O.R. with you, you’re usually doing Rhinoplasty. And you’re known in town as one of the top. I can go on record saying that.

Caller:  When a patient comes in from the other side of the country for plastic surgery, do you do more than one procedure when you do a face lift?

Dr. JC:  Oh, yes. When you do the face, you typically do. It depends on the patient, and so what I usually do when the patient is from out of town- I have patients especially because of my specialty of revision rinoplasty, people seek me from around the world.  What I’ll do is a Skype, or Facetime (if it’s on the Mac) consult, and just look at them, have them send me any operative notes and any information, and then I can do a lot; the only thing I can’t do is get an internal exam.

And so, I don’t make it mandatory that patients come in, although I tell them it’s best for them to come before we decide surgery, so what I’ll do is have them go to somebody locally if it’s a nose, especially I’ll have a local plastic surgeon look in their nose and tell me what they see, and get a CT Scan so that I can say with a reasonable level of certainty that when you come, this is what we can do. (But there’s always a chance it’s not going to happen without the examination, because I’m going to find something that I’m not privy to..)

And then they come before the surgery, we look over everything again and then do the operation. But it is difficult because people don’t have the money and time to make two trips so we do it that way. We do as much much as we can, safely. I typically don’t like any operation to go over 8 hours; but it’s not that you can’t, I just feel that after that time, it starts to be a lot to do in an outpatient setting.

And then after that, if they do want to do two or three procedures that do take more time, and there’s more of a ‘hit’ to the body, in other words, it just too much to do, then people will sometimes stay two weeks, or they’ll do one, they’ll go back and then come back. Everybody is different, everybody has a different aesthetic plan.

But, again, if you remember what our manta at the Roxbury Clinic and Surgical Center is “Safety” is the #1 thing. That’s our lead-off is safety, service and then the results is what you want to drive home. We’re really about all that. And I think if you come from out of town and you’re are going to not have surgery locally, then you really have to doubly do your homework, because it’s even harder to discern, in a market like Beverly Hills, where I have competitors in the area that spend way more money that I do on marketing, it’s hard to tell by the internet. There isn’t a good way other than to make some calls and talk to  people and say hey, can I talk to some of your patients who’ve done this? We always put patients on the phone with people who have had those surgeries.

Caller:  How long typically should a person think about being in LA before they can go home if they have surgery.

Dr. JC:  Depends on the operation. But I would say the average is 8-10 days. Some people can leave after 7 but mostly it’s 10 days, some are 2 weeks. Some people stay longer, and that’s a big expense. Which is why I personally have to really decide if what they are doing is really worth that trip.

You know we do so much here in So California- the numbers of what we do here – the numbers of what we do here is just so much higher. And the tolerances… You know, I was speaking in Paris over the weekend about facelifts, and people were saying, well, how do you know that you’ve done a great job early on? Listen where I work, they get surgery and 3 weeks later, they expect, with make up, to be on HD cameras, being broadcast around the world! If I do something, where they can’t do that… guess who’s name is going to be MUD quickly! You know, it’s just one of those things where the tolerances are so different. I wondered this when I was ‘growing up’ in plastic surgery,

Watch Dr. Jay Calvert discuss Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty:



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