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Roar Clothing – Distinctive, Classic and Chic

Roar Clothing blends all the elements of L.A. style — casual, chic, distinctive, classic — for a line of garments for men, women, and boys that lets you stand out in a crowd and stay true to your tone.

Roar Clothing Headquarters Los Angeles

Roar Clothing Headquarters Los Angeles

Based in Los Angeles, Roar Clothing was founded in 1994 with the goal of letting you live in the moment, infused with strength and positivity when these threads on your back. Roar Clothing is one element in the formula for a confident, refreshing, and one-of-a-kind outlook and lifestyle. There’s no way you’ll be missed when you’re wearing Roar.

LA's The Place writer Tyler Emery rocks his Roar embroidered  shirt.

LA’s The Place writer Tyler Emery rocks his Roar embroidered shirt.

Roar sets itself apart with a unique feature you’ll find in few other clothing lines: original, hand-drawn artwork created by Roar’s own in-house designers, then translated into personalized embroidery for every garment.

In the two decades since Roar’s creation, the company has produced more than 100,000 designs to date — a massive number for any design house. Roar has translated this voluminous archive from the sketchbook to the runway through the use of trademark dye methods, groundbreaking fabrics and washes, and unparalleled graphics.

Roar Clothing has been seen on everyone from Blake Shelton on NBC’s hit TV show “The Voice” and appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” to celebrity chef Guy Fieri on CBS talk show “The Talk” to rock band Parmalee and in-demand DJ Irie at the Roar House at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. In fact, Roar’s SXSW party drew rave reviews from local Austin hipsters such as the Austin Music Source blog, which witnessed Roar’s transformation of the Lustre Pearl and noted, “The inner rooms of the club were decked out with portrait-style posters and well-curated displays.”

Ladies can get in on the fun too — Miss Rodeo Colorado 2013 Sarah Faith has rocked Roar in her public engagements. Concertgoers of both sexes at the SXSW party showed off Roar in action too.

LATP writer Tyler Emery in a Roar shirt featuring great embroidery on the back.

LATP writer Tyler Emery in a Roar shirt featuring great embroidery design on the back.

However, you don’t have to go to Texas or Colorado or even Los Angeles to get your hands on Roar Clothing. You can buy them at The Buckle, Dillards, and specialty boutiques in the United States and Canada, or you can go online and peruse the entire line for men, women, and youth.

Along with Roar’s signature shirts, men can choose from Roar hats, woven shirts, T-shirts, shorts, jackets, and vests, all marked with Roar’s eye-catching designs and ready to take you from casual to dressier with minimal changes.

New spring styles from Roar Clothing.

New spring styles from Roar Clothing.

What’s your style? Roar has you covered with five categories of woven shirts to match your tastes: Puff Embroidery, Amplified Color, Outerwear, Signature, and Western Luxe. Best of all, Roar goes from small to XXX-large to accommodate gentlemen of all sizes.

The women’s line offers woven shirts, T-shirts, and shorts. Ladies’ blouses also come in the same five categories as the men’s shirts, and both varieties of tops come in classic and fitted silhouettes. Never fear — Roar’s trademark embellishments are part and parcel of every garment.

Boys too can get in on Roar, with a variety of shirts to suit your tween all the way up to adolescence. Start your fashion plate off young!

Roar’s cornucopia of options may feel overwhelming, but look again. Roar Clothing’s blog features a shirt of the week, as well as contests to win favorite designs. It’s easier than ever to pick up Roar for yourself.

Sexy, stylish, and saucy: That’s Roar Clothing in a short. Wake up your wardrobe with these distinctive pieces — that is, if you want to stand out in a crowd. Let Roar Clothing’s strength and positivity flow through you. You never know what kind of impression you’ll make.

Roar Clothing

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