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Increase Your Curb Appeal with Replacement Windows in Lake Forest

Window Replacement Reviews – Dial One Windows Earns the Renewal by Andersen ‘Best of the Best’ Award!

In luxury communities, every detail counts. In Lake Forest, that means replacement windows sit atop the list of home improvements every property owner keep in mind. Replacement windows, crown molding, a fresh coat of paint — these seemingly tiny details contribute to a high-quality, high-character, high-value Lake Forest home that people will want to live in.

If you’re already living in that Lake Forest address, you’ll want to stay. If you’re looking to sell in Lake Forest, these add-ons will increase the evaluation and desirability of your home. In either case, you’re the winner — all thanks to replacement windows!


Situated between Irvine and Mission Viejo, Lake Forest is a classic Southern California community, with magnificent views of the city’s two man-made lakes and the Limestone Canyon Regional Park. When you’re surrounded by so much natural majesty, of course you’ll want the best picture opening up to you every day. This is where windows — particularly replacement windows — come in. After all, they let the sun in, keep the elements out, and keep your home comfortable, no matter what the forecast.

Renewal by Anderson by Dial One Windows, have been doing business in Orange County for decades, offers:
Double-Hung Windows, Casement Windows, Gliding Windows, Awning Windows, Picture/Combination Windows, Bay & Bow Windows, Specialty Windows and Garden & Greenhouse Windows.
Watch Dial One Window’s Specialist and CEO Charlie Gindele discuss all the different types of replacement windows.

But Why Replacement Windows in Lake Forest?

Aren’t the originals good enough? They are — for a certain period. But like many other segments of your home, your windows need updating for many reasons. To begin, wear and tear take their toll on your windows. Even in sunny California, the sun can beat down, and the nearby sea air can erode the elements. Eventually, the seals on your windows may not be so tight, or the surface could fade and dim. In addition, window technology changes, and you may find improved compounds in the window frames or window panes that better withstand the daily grind. The best ones can even help control your heating and cooling bills.

Other times, replacement windows are needed for cosmetic reasons. Perhaps you want to install a new bay window in your home, or you’d like to open up a bank of windows in a specific room. Maybe you’ve determined it’s time to go for double-paned or soundproof windows. Homeowners in Lake Forest and other spots make these decisions all the time. Furthermore, sophisticated buyers are looking for these upgrades when they’re paying top dollar for a residence in an exclusive community like Lake Forest. The bottom line: Replacement windows will only boost your bottom line.

So take a good, long look at your windows. Are they as bright as they used to be? Maybe flick at them a little — are they as solid as they once were? If you answered no to either of these questions, it might be time to get those long-awaited replacement windows. When you’ve made up your mind, you can head directly to Dial One, Orange County’s windows experts, to get the ball rolling.

The professionals at Renewal by Anderson by Dial One have the knowledge, the inventory, and the skills necessary to set you up with your perfect replacement windows. You can walk around the Dial One showroom to see, touch, and examine all the options. In fact, you may be surprised to learn about the number of options now available for windows replacements, including vinyl windows and window treatments. Feel free to make even the most basic inquiries, such as which windows are best for which rooms, how to determine the dimensions of the replacement window, and even what happens to your old windows after the upgrade. Of course, Dial One’s staff can also help you narrow down your choices to make sure the windows fit your style and your budget.

Renewal by Anderson by Dial One’s customer service extends out of the showroom and into your home once the remodeling begins. Like the courteous staffers in the store, Dial One’s contractors are at the top of their profession as well. The technicians installing the replacement windows are themselves full-time employees of Dial One, professionally trained and certified to the company’s exacting standards. They’re held accountable for their work and to the company’s sterling reputation for efficient, cost-conscious, and dedicated work. Everyone at Dial One shares in the goal of making sure you get the best windows for your home at the best value and with the best service available. As a customer, you can look forward to a seamless, fuss-free experience every step of the way.

Replacement windows are one of those subtle home improvements that friends and visitors may not immediately recognize, but they’ll surely pick up on the low-key changes: the fresher look to your home, the brighter feel in the room, and the decreased exposure to the elements. However, you’ll notice the difference every day as you enjoy a more comfortable, rejuvenated home, all starting with your decision to replace your windows and to investigate the possibilities with the experts at Renewal by Anderson by Dial One.

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