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Dark Horse Wine at the On 3 Productions Backstage Gift Lounge for The Independent Spirit Awards

Dark Horse Wine gifted a 1-Year Supply of their great wines & Crystal Decanter at the On 3 Productions Breyers Gelato Indulgences backstage gift lounge for the Independent Spirit Awards.  Winemaker Beth Liston, proud of her end product, shared that winemaking is a treasure hunt, and invited recipients to discover Dark Horse, a new, exceptionally great-tasting, globally sourced wine. She explained that the crystal Cabernet Magnum Decanter will unveil the wine’s bold aromas and flavors.

John Waters at Dark Horse Wines

John Waters at Dark Horse Wines

Krysten Ritter also made sure to stop by the gift lounge where she told Dark Horse Wine that her Veronica Mars movie is coming out in March and that fans are going to lose their minds.

Krysten Ritter

Krysten Ritter

Former SNL funnyman Will Forte brought mom Patricia C. Forte to the Breyers Gelato Indulgences gift lounge backstage. While in the lounge, the duo ran into Rosario Dawson and mom Isabel Celeste. Forte introduced his mother to Dawson; Rosario, in turn, introduced her mother to Forte and the group paired off.  Dawson and Forte drank Dark Horse Wine and talked incessantly about the trajectory of each other’s careers and seemed quite tight-knit. The encounter ended with close hugs and abundant cheek kisses

American Hustle actress Elisabeth Röhm visited the Dark Horse Wine bar backstage at The 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards. The beauty played Plinko while wearing an orange Maria Lucia Hohan dress complete with a deep-plunging neckline and flaunting a considerable amount of sideboob.


Angele Bassett played her first-ever game of Plinko and chatted strategy, saying that it’s best to “overcompensate and go a little more to the left or right in order to win.” It worked – she won a crystal decanter and a year’s supply of wine from Dark Horse Wine and joked that the year’s supply would only last her six months.

Jeremy Renner, aka Hawkeye, lightened up the mood at the Dark Horse Wine bar while talking about “double-fisting beer and wine” as his style of partying.

Dark Horse: Be Bold.  Twitter: @DarkHorseWine


Yes, please!

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