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Best Home Sports, Game Room and Exercise Equipment Deals Online at Dazadi.com

Dazadi.com wants to be part of your rec room, your game room, your basement, your man cave — whatever you call that special area of your home reserved for watching the game, shooting the breeze, decompressing from the day, and maybe a heated round of competition between friends and family. Whether games, sports, or a tea party with the kids is your idea of leisure time activities, Dazadi.com has the goods to keep you active and entertained — at a good price and complete with attentive customer service.

In today’s fast-pace world, that “attentive” touch might be due to Dazadi.com’s roots as a family business. As boys, brothers Ari, Jason, Elan, and Josh loved playing hoops and playing outdoors. Their passion for sport went through several phases,  including the launch of website SuperDuperHoops.com and Elan’s stint at Nike.

 Dazadi founders, brothers Jason Boyce, Elan Klaristenfeld and Josh Klaristenfeld

Dazadi founders, brothers Jason Boyce, Elan Klaristenfeld and Josh Klaristenfeld

This eventually led to Dazadi.com, dreamt up around the family dinner table and debuting in May 2002. First based in Ari’s small downtown LA apartment, Dazadi.com (taken from combining “audacity” and “tzadik,” which is the Hebrew word for a righteous person) has grown to offer more than 5,000 products and serve thousands of customers in its decade-plus of operation. Jason, Elan, and Josh are still with the company, which they proclaim as “the home of awesome.”

As an online supplier, Dazadi.com specializes in high-quality, handpicked sporting goods and game room equipment that’ll keep you and your crew primed for the next round. Foosball, air hockey, shuffleboard, and ping-pong tables are available at Dazadi.com, along with classic gaming equipment such as billiards and darts.

Fitness fans will appreciate the selection of treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and more. Parents and caretakers will want to take a look at Dazadi.com’s selection of play kitchens and train sets, and Dazadi.com branches out into the patio and yard, with a selection of outdoors furniture and accessories. In other words, Dazadi.com has many of the items that’ll help you put a stamp on your dwelling and make your house into a home.

Perhaps your game is football, baseball, or basketball. Maybe you’re more of an all-around fitness fan? Or perhaps you prefer indoors activities like darts and billiards. Dazadi.com has you covered on all fronts, from pitching aids, kicking cages, and basketball hoops to coaching equipment and even down to athletic cups. Click through Dazadi.com to find the pieces you need to set up your own personal home gym or training facility. Dazadi.com covers non-conventional training too, including yoga, Pilates, and inversion tables.

Dazadi.com isn’t just about playing games — it’s about filling our your sport and gaming experience. Athletes will find training aids and accessories for their activities. As for the armchair fans, they too can take their pick of all kinds of goodies decorated with their favorite team’s logo, whether from the NFL, NBA, MLB, or the NCAA.

On top of the wide selection, Dazadi.com stands out from the crowd with its attention to details. Because Dazadi.com handpicks its inventory, it knows the story behind each product and what it can do for customers. Free shipping is also offered with select items, and customers can choose from a range of in-home delivery options for larger goods.

Instant gratification is the norm in the age of the Internet, but Dazadi.com offers more than immediacy. In fact, you might be able to find some of the items on other sites. However, Dazadi.com’s goal isn’t to carry everything — it just wants to carry the best things. Dazadi.com is as much a curator as it is a retailer, and you’ll notice the difference in the sheer range of goods.

The Dazadi difference starts in the warehouse, but it extends far beyond and into customers’ homes. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority at Dazadi.com, and the company wants to make sure customers go through an easy, enjoyable path to their purchase. Prior to the purchasing decision, Dazadi.com has buyer guides for perusal. Once the purchase is complete, customers can choose from a number of tiers of delivery option, based on the item and your setup needs.

For truly encompassing service, go with the Room-of-Choice delivery, where the item is brought anywhere in your home, and Dazadi.com unpacks and even disposes of boxes, crates, and other material. After all, that Foosball table isn’t going to set itself up!

This hands-on approach covers customer support too. Call up Dazadi customer service, and you can look forward to speaking to a live person — not a recording or a phone tree. Customer service agents are also on the line to take orders for clients who don’t want to enter their credit card info on the website.

Sports and gaming equipment for sports fans as selected by sports fans, coupled with attentive customer service: That’s the Dazadi.com philosophy and the recipe for success. Name your sport or your game, then think of an essential item to your enjoyment as a fan or an enthusiast — Dazadi has it. Whether you’re watching the ball or throwing it, Dazadi.com has all the ingredients for the perfect setup. Even better, Dazadi.com backs those goods with stellar customer service, complete with live phone contact.

Dazadi.com prides itself as “the house of awesome,” but after a quick shopping trip through the site, you can take that title. Before you know it, you’ll be living in a house of awesome of your own, as the go-to destination for all the sports and game fans in your life. Get used to it!


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