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RESQWATER All Natural Anti-Hangover Drink for That Morning Misery Cure

For those nights when you have had  little too much to drink, there is something you can do to avoid the dreded awful feeling the next day. RESQWATER  is a scientifically-formulated anti-hangover drink which is all natural, gluten free and even certified Kosher.  RESQWATER can be enjoyed during a night out after or even in the morning when you wake to help reduce the effects of drinking and make the day ahead a little easier.


RESQWATER is formulated with Organic Prickly Pear, Cactus Fruit Extract, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, B Vitamins and Milk Thistle.  The ingredients work together to help your body metabolize acetaldehyde which is the compound that makes you feel the hangover effects.  For optimal effect drinking RESQWATER after a few drinks and one before you go to bed will ease the morning effects and can even be sipped in the morning.

RESQWATER debuted in 2009 at a brew fest in Scottsdale Arizona by a local businessman who previously experienced one of the worst hangovers and decided that drinking alcohol should not have to come with a monstrous hangover.  RESQWATER was a huge hit with the other people at the event it was then updated and the formula was refined and is now sold across the country by a dedicated team.

RESQWATER is not an energy drink but an anti-hangover drink which promotes after partying productivity whatever that may be.  You can purchase RESQWATER online in six or twelve packs from or from retailers across the country.

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