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Dr. Jay Calvert Discusses Plastic Surgery Review Sites

The time has arrived. You’ve decided to find a great plastic surgeon and get that procedure done that you’ve been wanting. Perhaps a New Year, and a new you? The most important decision is finding the right, most qualified plastic surgeon for your procedure. Who is board-certified, do they have hospital privileges? Good reviews? Bad reviews? How can you make sure they are authentic?

Dr. Jay Calvert, Board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Rox Center, Beverly Hills

Dr. Jay Calvert, Board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Rox Center, Beverly Hills

You want to do some research on the web, but how do you decipher what is legitimate info and what is not? What is the best way to decipher who is the best plastic surgeon for your procedure?

Sylvia the Beverly Hills RN interviews guest Dr. Jay Calverta prominent Board-certified plastic surgeon with Rox Center in Beverly Hills, on the subject of  ‘plastic surgery reviews’ sites on her radio show, regarding the authenticity of the reviews.

Because of the unreliability of all the so-called “review” sites that allow unvetted reviews of doctors by unverified people, these review sites end up with false reviews, both faked positive and negative ones, which then allowed those websites to charge doctors upwards of $25,000 to ‘remove’ these faked reviews from their website.

Finally, after being victimized himself by these unverified websites and false reviews, Dr. Calvert was inspired to created, the Internet’s first impartial, professional medical review site.

MD Insider brings together the best medical minds with the technological pioneers to answer one of the most important medical decisions you can make: Whom to trust when seeking surgical attention.

MD InsiderUsing massive volumes of available data, the MD Insider team organizes and analyzes the information based on criteria that matter to patients, then scores the doctors on a variety of quality criteria based on factual data, as well as actual procedure costs.

MD Insider uses a fair and impartial manner, not influenced by marketing material, business arrangements, or personal bias, with the express goal of matching a patient to the best possible doctor for his or her needs, goals, and budget.

Up until now, people relying on the unverified review sites have done a disservice to patients by allowing mostly erroneous information.

(VIEW video of Dr. Jay Calvert discussing how to find the right plastic surgeon for you, below…)

In this interview with Dr. Calvert covers widely-asked questions on this matter such as:

  • Which sites are trustworthy?
  • How can you tell if reviews are faked?
  • What if spiteful reviews about a doctor were put there by a competitor? (Yes, this happens too.)
  • What type of credentials do plastic surgeons need, and what do their credentials mean?
  • Does the surgeon have hospital privileges?

Scroll below to view a video with Dr. Calvert on the

Sylvia/Blog Talk Tonight we are going to talk about review sites; how many review sites there are and what people look out for when they read them– and how to ascertain who is a good surgeon and who is not.

Sylvia the  Beverly Hills RN:  We now have our first caller… Hello, you’re on Beverly Hills RN show. Our topic tonight is ‘doctor review sites’. What’s your name?

Caller:   Hi. My name is Sue Ellen, I’m very concerned and curious– There are so many review sites and I really don’t know how to tell… I was looking for a plastic surgeon down where I live, and I’ve looked on a lot of these sites, and I really don’t know how to differentiate between people who are legitimately telling the truth and people who want to say something snide. I mean, you really can’t tell..?

Sylvia:  Hello Dr. Calvert. We have a caller, Sue Ellen from Alabama on the line, with questions on the review sites, and she’s not quite sure how to find a good surgeon among all the plastic surgery review sites online.

Caller:  If there were Angie’s List for surgery, I’d feel more comfortable. I just don’t know which ones are really legitimate or not.

Dr. Jay Calvert:  It’s a very difficult, daunting task to use the internet to find medical treatment. What happens is, you go online and you do a search for the usually the procedure that you want and the location that you want. And you see different listings, different paid advertising, organic results– meaning that Google or Bing or Yahoo finds certain websites to be more powerful in those search terms that you’ve used– and then people will typically look at who’s in their area and then go look at reviews.

And, again– it’s hard because if the right people didn’t turn up in the right first search, well, now you’re out of luck because now you’re chasing down surgeons that may or may not be right for you.

The difficult thing to do, the hardest thing to do is to get that initial punch taken care of; in other words, finding the five best people in your area– where you want to do this– unless you want to travel. We’re in Beverly Hills; many people travel to Beverly Hills for surgery– they just know we do a lot of these things here and so they come here.

But, in Alabama, again, if you’re in Birmingham or Montgomery..wherever you are–I would start with kind of finding out who the local heroes are and also looking beyond that because maybe they not doing the things you need to be done. Generally speaking, the best thing to do is look to board-certified plastic surgeons, or board certified facial plastic surgeons, depending on what you want to do.

Plastic surgeons do everything from head to toe. I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. I do noses, face, eyes, breast, and some tummies, and other plastic surgeons just do breasts. Facial plastic surgeons focus on noses, facelifts, facial fat grafting and things of that nature.

So you really want to look to maybe the Specialty Board. And one of the things that you can do to confirm whether you’ve found the right person. I find this to be the most powerful test of whether a doctor can perform the procedure you’re looking for: Call the hospital where they have privileges. For instance, I have privileges at Cedars-Sinai Hospital and Hope Hospital, which are local hospitals.

In order to have privileges to do a face lift there, I had to be reviewed by those hospital boards as being “OK” to do it. In other words, I’ve been trained to do it, I’ve been verified that I have insurance for those procedures. And if a hospital says it’s OK, well then that means that person can do your procedure.  That’s a very powerful test!

The Truth About Online Reviews

Dr. Jay Calvert:  Truthfully, reviews are so different because, there are people that have been in practice for two years who have 95 5-star Google reviews. I’ve been in practice for 12 years and I have maybe 20 Google reviews and some are 5-star and some are not, but that just normal– you can’t please everybody.

And especially, I do rhinoplasty; you have people that are not going to be A+ satisfied, it’s just that’s part of the deal. If you see someone that has been in practice for 6 months and they have 95 5-star reviews, that’s kind of a red flag.  How did those reviews get there? Did they have everyone in their family write a review? Did they pay people to do them? Did they write them themselves? I mean, did they really do, in the first 6 to 9 months of practice, 95 amazing  jobs where those patients went online and wrote reviews?

The truth is, is that happy patients don’t go online and write reviews. Continue to read here…



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