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Christmas Gift Ideas – Find That Cool Unique Gift This Holiday Season

genio_delonghi_fiorucci_detailGive the gift of Coffee this holiday season with NESCAFÉ® or add to your holiday party with one of the NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® single-cup coffee machines. These award winning unique designs use 15 bar pressure to ensure your coffee is however you love it and is made with the best ingredients. The coffee is made with easy to use airtight capsules making the whole process effortless and hassle free. The limited edition Genio by Fiorucci ($139) coffee machine is a compact smart technologically advanced machine which can make you any coffee you can imagine with one push of a button.


AeratorAerate Wine and Fine Liquors with The Aermate:  Provides a new modern, contemporary design for unlocking flavors of wines and most other fine liquors to awaken the natural aromas within.  The Aermate is a stylish stainless steel design for effortless use and is small enough to fit perfectly into your drinks cabinet for instant access with ease. Read more here: Aerator by Aermate


Pluggz are a modern stylish shoe that not only look great they also have a remarkable concept for “grounding” or “earthing” the body.  This is a process of neutralizing the excess positive charge the body can generate.  Each of the shoes comes with a specifically placed custom-formulated carbon and rubber compound inside the sole which allows contact from the ground to your feet and through your whole body when barefoot is not an option. As you walk you will get the benefit of the earth’s natural electrons flowing through the shoe directly to you as if you were walking without shoes on sand, grass and even concrete.Pluggz


Peligrossa TequilaWorld’s First – Peligroso Cinnamon-Infused Tequila, Just in Time for the Holidays! During the holidays, the exquisite scent of cinnamon is used to capture the senses of shoppers.  Cinnamon is delicious in all holiday recipes! And now, Peligroso Tequila has come out with the world’s first 84-proof  Cinnamon-flavored tequila, infused with 100% pure cinnamon extract, creating a delicious spirit with a kick that leaves some sweet heat on the palate long after the first sip.


John Frieda Roller BrushFor that quick fix when you are running out of time the John Frieda Hot Air Brush gives you a salon style blow-out in your own home.  This handy brush takes your hair from just washed to perfectly styled in one easy step, the 1” ceramic Titanium coated barrel uses ionic technology to help protect your hair while you style.  The Hot Air brush is easy to use with swivel cord, heat and cooling settings with enhanced air control to leave you with shiny bouncy waves.  You can purchase this amazing tool at most drug, mass and food retailers for $39.99.


John Frieda Hair Tools

Another fabulous product from the John Frieda range is the Conair Frizz Ease Hair Setter which is perfect for creating a full bodied wavy look.  These fantastic 2” ceramic coated jumbo rollers use a true ionic generator which safely distributes heat throughout the curl for a frizz free look.  The Hair Setter is easy to use with simple butterfly clips to hold in place that heat up instantly for a quick and simple wavy look.  The Conair Frizz Ease Hair Setter is available at most drug, mass and food retailers and only $39.99.


ApothedermThree Step Skin Brightening System from Apothederm

If your skin is looking dull, feeling a little tired and in need of some care, Apothederm has come up with a smart system to combat dull, uneven and darkened skin while combating early signs of aging with the Apothederm Brightening System.

Apothederm have created SmartPeptides which are a new generation of patented bio-active Peptides for brightening and also help to refine your skin by acting as a cellular massage.


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