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Pluggz Stylish Shoes to Keep You Grounded

Pluggz are a modern stylish shoe that not only look great they also have a remarkable concept for “grounding” or “earthing” the body.  This is a process of neutralizing the excess positive charge the body can generate.  Each of the shoes comes with a specifically placed custom-formulated carbon and rubber compound inside the sole which allows contact from the ground to your feet and through your whole body when barefoot is not an option. As you walk you will get the benefit of the earth’s natural electrons flowing through the shoe directly to you as if you were walking without shoes on sand, grass and even concrete.


The shoes come in various attractive designs made with leather, suede and linen for women starting from $129.  You can choose from ballet flats and loafers in a variety of colors and styles so you are sure to find the right style for you.  Men and women’s original flip flops are available at $39 in full sizes which also incorporate the plug technology and come in a variety of neutral colors; the flip flops are 100% rubber for long lasting wear.


Each pair of Pluggz are made with the highest quality rubber and are light weight for stepping with more ease and comfort.  There have been reports of Pluggz wearers feeling a general more energized sense of well being and it has even been reported that some wearers are having fewer body aches also some relief from ongoing back pains.  Pluggz have an agreement to donate some of the proceeds from the products that will go to organizations in the health and wellness world which are dedicated to finding improvements for people of all ages.


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