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HoverCam Mini 5 Camera-Scanner – Everything You Need in a Compact Design

You have a camera in your cell phone, a camera in your computer, a camera in your car — so why not a camera in your scanner? The HoverCam Mini 5 Camera-Scanner brings together these two items for a convenient and useful product that will meet your business and personal needs — yet it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.


The world’s smallest document scanner, the HoverCam Mini 5 delivers all the performance you’d want from a camera or a scanner, but in a compact, combined form you can use to scan documents (including business cards and receipts), record videos, hold Web conferences, and more, wherever and whenever you want.

The HoverCam Mini 5 Camera-Scanner immediately catches your eye, with a unique, revolutionary form factor. A far cry from a bulky, awkward flatbed scanner, the HoverCam is about the length of a flashlight, but in a flat, thin form. Once unfolded, one end of the HoverCam plugs into your computer’s USB port, while the other end houses the camera. Voila — you have a direct connection between your images or videos and your hard drive, no batteries or extra cords needed.

And you won’t be disappointed by the HoverCam Mini 5’s camera, which captures sharp 5-megapixel resolution for images and 720p resolution for video. Even better, the HoverCam Mini 5 is designed with autofocus for clear, crisp images — no blurred shots here.

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With its included software, the HoverCam Mini 5 Camera-Scanner goes an extra step versus your run-of-the-mill camera. HoverCam Memo lets you scan receipts with single click of the mouse or even a wave of your hand (when using the motion trigger function), then via the OCR capabilities, generate expense reports or monthly analyses. But wait, there’s more — you can scan and organize notes, checks, invoices, screenshots, scrapbook pages, video clips, and more, then upload them directly to a Web services or social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox, and Evernote.

And don’t forget HoverCam Contact, which serves as your digital Rolodex. Scan your business cards, then store, organize, review, and manage all that data in HoverCam Contact. With HoverCam Contact, you can even connect directly with your colleagues through Facebook and LinkedIn.

The HoverCam’s software also performs basic photo editing tasks, such as automatically straightening and cropping images, as well as adjusting white balance, brightness, contrast, saturation, and freeze frame. Additionally, the HoverCam can take time-lapse photos and zoom in on image details as needed.

Of further interest to business users — or even for personal interests — are the HoverCam’s videoconferencing capabilities. You can adjust the camera for the best angle or best lighting during the videoconference, but even better, you can share a common virtual whiteboard. The HoverCam also integrates with the popular business collaboration apps Skype, WebEx, and GoToMeeting.

There’s more to the HoverCam Mini 5 than sleek looks, though no one would blame you for falling for its striking profile. However, the HoverCam Mini 5 is more than a nifty gadget — it’s the high-tech office you can carry in your pocket. It’s a still camera, a video camera, a scanner, and all the software you need to make it work in a sleek, compact form, and it’ll make sense of the business cards, receipts, and the rest of the paperwork that fill up your life. You want a videoconferencing solution? The HoverCam Mini 5 does that too. Better yet, it’s compatible with Mac and Windows systems, as well as a variety of Web services, social networks, and cloud platforms.

Take your office with you or, even better, make any spot your office with the HoverCam Mini 5, the Swiss Army knife of office solutions. The all-in-one scanning, photography, and videoconferencing starts here!


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