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Secret Room’s Cheerios® Baby & Kid Lounge Emmy Suite Benefited Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

Secret Room Events provided a baby and kid’s suite within their Red Carpet Style Lounge honoring the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Actor Lex Medlin and Family (Happy Hour, Drop Dead Diva)

Actor Lex Medlin and Family (Happy Hour, Drop Dead Diva)

Cheerios® Baby & Kid Lounge

Cheerios® was proud to sponsor the Cheerios® Baby & Kid Lounge. Kids of celebs and celeb kids enjoyed an exclusive area featuring fun products for the little ones, including:

Majestic Home, Munchkin Inc., Kidecals, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Quinny, Little Passports, Baby Paper, Noodle and Boo, My Breast Friend, Mothers En Vogue, Sleep Belt, Roundabout, White-o-Coccoli Tableware, Moose Toys, Kinderfeets and Snails Safe Nails, who gifted strollers, car seats, toys, games, apparel and more.

KCee’s Candy Buffets provided an irrestable layout of all of our favorite candies.


Cheerios® offered learning activities for children by sharing Cheerios® Spoonfuls of Stories and by offering kids crafting activities using both Cheerios cereal boxes and famous “O’s.

Spotlight on Kid’s Brands: 

Petunia Pickle Bottom was founded in 2000 and has made a name for itself as a fashionable diaper bag. The brand has then spread into chic bags for women and young girls alike, as well as continuing on with the classic products that everyone knows and loves. They featured their new super-chic designer diaper bags and matching baby journals, made for the mom’s style in mind!

Actress Danay Garcia picking out a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag.

Actress Danay Garcia picking out a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag.

Kidecals provided durable and versatile decals and labels to jazz up anything.Built with ultra-durability, these decals are enhanced with specialty waterproof adhesive which is great for most surfaces.

Quinny’s sleek baby strollers and car seats. As Europe’s most respected stroller brand, Quinny has set the standard for engineering, design and trendsetting style.

Quinny Baby Strollers

Quinny Baby Strollers

Little Passports sets your child up with a ‘global adventure’. Children are able to take part in learning about the culture, beliefs, geographic locations and more. Little Passports provides children and parents alike with a fun learning tool of the world. Parents can choose to have their child learn about two states a month or one country a month.

A ‘babies favorite’ or should I say parents favorite’, Munchkin Inc., with many of their well-thought-out kid’s products. This company prides itself on its ability to develop clever, innovative solutions that not only make ‘parenting safer’ but also are easier and fun, all the while being safe for the child.


The Sleep Belt is a secure strap that is designed to strap the child to the mother or father while he or she is sound asleep.

Majestic Home Goods made everyone feel at home for this event as they brought a variety of home goods for everyone to see what they are made of. Majestic Home’s chic, brightly-covered beanbag chairs, loungers, ottomans, and pet beds delighted kids of all ages. And pets too.


Designed for mother and baby, ‘My Breast Friend’ is a patented wrap-around breast-feeding support contour pillow that assists with nursing and providing support. The brand has an array of nursing and breastfeeding products. Bringing the child closer to the parent, pun intended.

White-o-Coccoli Tableware brings ‘fun’ to the table. This brand is inspired by bright colors, themes, and child safe products.

Bridging the gap for bikes worldwide is Kinderfeets. Kinderfeets is a wooden push bike which is designed to make the transition to pedal-powered bikes smooth sailing.

Additional baby products include: Roundabout, Moose Toys, and Snails Safe Nails.

The Secret Room Celebrity Emmy VIP Gift Bag

The Secret Room Celebrity Emmy VIP Gift Bag

Celebs and VIPs also got a parting Secret Room VIP Celebrity Gift Bag to take home with them, which included products from:

Sente Inc, Revel Body, Nerium International LLC, Rich Vitamins LLC, Kidecals CA Botana International, HoverCam, Vance Family Soy Candles, Akonye Kena, Rejuve Cigs LLC, IPC Sports Corp, Sseko Designs, Headcakes, Wicked Sisters 2, Forestique, Liz Palacious Designs, Antonym Jewelry, Pandora de Balthazar, Stargazer Li, Herban Essentials, Rosebud Perfume Co, Glutten Cutter, Brown Books Publishing Group, Loloi Rugs, Collonil North America, Glitzy Girls Magazine, Tyger Paws, Ulysses Press, Ikeuchi Towel, Murad, Nanea Skin Care, Scarguard Labs, Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, beauty by rudy, Fitlips, Mariner Biomedical, Natralus, Guylian, Groundplans ltd,, St Francis Pet Treats, NKLA, Monini North America, Inc. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $1200.

Secret Room Events is a brand and marketing firm that happens to know a thing or two in the entertainment realm and for ‘pushing’ a brands image. Often described as the premier destination for marketing, branding, and not to mention a great time, the Secret Room Events is the place to come for new and innovative ideas and products.

More About Children’s Hospital Los Angeles: Ranked fifth in the nation by US News & World Report, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is a non-profit pediatric institution that treats more than 97,000 children annually, with world-class medical staff working in multispecialty teams to provide family-centered care. The hospital is also home to The Saban Research Institute, one of few freestanding research centers in the U.S. where the power of scientific inquiry and clinical care are combined and devoted exclusively to children. As a nonprofit institution, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles depends on generous donations and community support to help heal children in an environment that lets them thrive. About

Fashionomics LIVE!: Fashionomics LIVE! goes behind the scenes at fashion and beauty related businesses mentoring high school students on potential majors and careers. Secret Room Events produces independent events for award show nominees and is not associated with the Emmy Awards or Television Academy.

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