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More Great Brands from The Secret Room’s 2013 Primetime Emmys Gift Lounge

Dallas Prince is known for her distinct, one-of-a-kind luxury jewelry. A favorite on HSN, jewelry designer Dallas Prince  offered signature pieces and items such as her AGATA Spectum “Twilight Blush” 30 carats earrings went on loan to celebrities walking the Emmys red carpet.


Actress Sofia Milos with jewelry designer Dallas Prince.

HoverCam breaks the barriers when it comes to outstanding performance. HoverCam Mini5, designed by Ji Shen and manufactured by San Diego’s Pathway Innovations & Technologies, is an portable scanner with software that can also record a video or upload to the Internet. The world’s smallest 5MP USB document camera ideal as a portable scanning solution for people on the go. View a video review of HoverCam Mini5, amazing product:


Real Chemistry ‘3 Minute Precision Peel is one of a kind. Real Chemistry CEO Karen Griffin demonstrated her innovative 3-Minute Precision Peel, a gel that “painlessly removes 50 cellular layers of skin by gently binding the protein cells” without of harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubs. The result? Glowing youthful skin…instantly! 
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Sofia Milos loves RealChemistry Precision Peel

Sofia Milos loves RealChemistry Precision Peel

Rejuve Cigs LLC, provided guests with a low-nicotine flavored pen generated to help break the addiction of smoking. Considered kicking the smoking habit with Rejuve electronic cigarettes and e-hookahs. New “vape” juice, a new non-nicotine flavored ECig for some who just want to enjoy, or don’t want the nicotine.


Louisa Voisine Millinery showcased it’s unique blend of award winning hats for various occasions. Millenery star Louisa Voisine was in attendance, modeling her flamboyant special occasion hats and “fascinators”. She has received awards for winning bonnets from the Kentucky Derby and Del Mar Racetrack contests.

Millenery Hat designer Louisa Voisine

Millenery star Louisa Voisine with Tyler Emery and model

Ticks can be extremely dangerous to both humans as well as your pets. Tick Key Products LLC has produced a device to easily remove these harmful invaders.

Love Judy Designs makes unique jewelry that has been described as sensational and timeless. In addition to the jewelry line they also produce knitted items.

Show support and sport FAN BAND! Choose from your favorite sport’s team and/or player! FAN BANDS are a high quality arm band with your favorite team’s official jersey.


Who doesn’t love a good candle? Vance Family Soy Candles is a uniquely personal collection that is based on her experience with fragrances named after each state.


Revel Body adds that personal touch, literally. Revel Body can be used as a massager and a vibrator, the best part is, it cuts out 90%of the noise and 80% of the vibration in your hand.

TrueSonic by Revel

TrueSonic by Revel

Rich Vitamins provided celebrities with a simple gummy vitamin that is good for both parents as well as children. Making it one step closer to achieving the nutrients that your body deserves!

Amist the activities, guests enjoyed a mini-spa, including Eyelash Extensions by Sayaka Lea. You can look for her salon on Melrose Place in West Hollywood.

Also featured was  formaldahide-free manicures by Costa Mesa-based Lollipop Nail Salon.

Little actress Grace McKenny getting her tiny nails polished in the mini spa.

Little actress Grace McKenny getting her tiny nails polished in the mini spa.

A simple phrase such as “Akonye Kena” means “I will help myself” in Achoni, which is a tribal language in Northern Uganda. In partnership where Akonye Kena  joins to assist self-sufficiency groups and their members become independent of aid, them in marketing their products locally and internationally.

Akonye Kena

Akonye Kena

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