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Rox Bariatric Center For the Safest and Best Weight Loss Surgery in Beverly Hills

Weight loss surgery is becoming a common consideration among obese patients seeking a medical solution to their health concerns. Whether it’s gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomylap band surgery or a duodenal switch, patients must take care to choose the right doctor and support staff, as well as the appropriate facilities to undergo the operation. The Rox Bariatric Center is precisely the organization you want when making this important decision on weight loss surgery.

rox-bariatric-Beverly-HillsThis state-of-the-art destination has a full roster of experienced surgeons, knowledgeable health care professionals, and dedicated support staff, who, together with the patient, work to determine the best individual plan — including nonsurgical options. With every patient who comes into the Rox Bariatric Center, the goal is to deliver the best possible weight loss results safely and smartly for a full lifestyle change.

Obesity is defined as having a body mass index of more than 30, and recent studies have shown it is a growing problem in the United States. Obesity is linked to a number of ailments, including diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, some cancers, and heart disease, to name a few. Patients seeking a slimmer, healthier figure often change their eating and exercise habits to take off the pounds, but sometimes this isn’t enough. For a certain group of patients, weight loss surgery becomes a necessity.

A patient may undergo one of several weight loss surgery options. Lap-band surgery is perhaps the best-known procedure; not only is it the safest and least invasive, it allows for the patient to go home on the same day after the anesthesia wears off. With this surgery, an implantable ring device is implanted along the top segment of the stomach, thus creating a smaller stomach pouch. In turn, this means less food can enter the stomach, and the patient will feel full after eating a small portion of food. Over time, the band can be adjusted with changes to the patient’s weight loss goals.

Gastric banding patients lost over 100 lbs.

Gastric banding patients lost over 100 lbs each.

A Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) is the next most complex form of weight loss surgery, and patients typically require at least an overnight stay after operation. RYGB involves creating a small gastric pouch and bypassing a portion of the small intestine, thus restricting the amount of food that can be contained in the body, while at the same time cutting down on the calories and nutrients can absorb. This is the most common bypass technique carried out in the United States, and patients must alter their eating habits to conform to the demands of the operation. Because the stomach can hold only a few ounces of food at a time, the patient must learn to make good dietary choices, including avoiding as much sweets and fatty foods as possible.

With a sleeve gastrectomy, the stomach is surgically removed, resulting in a new stomach the size and shape of a banana. This simpler operation achieves a similar result: reducing the amount of food the patient can take in.

The most complex weight loss surgery is the duodenal switch in which half of the stomach is permanently removed, and the remainder is connected to the last 8 feet of the small intestine. Because so much of the stomach and small intestine are removed, this is the most involved operation and carries greater risk of long-term nutritional deficits.

All this info can overwhelm any patient, but the Rox Bariatric Center has the advice, resources, and staff needed to come to the right decision. Dr. Matthew Lublin, Dr. Daniel Marcus, and Dr. Travis Kidner are the surgeons who handle the operations, and they bring their excellent reputations, decades of experience, and tomes of knowledge to the Rox Bariatric Center.

Dr. Matthew Lublin, Dr. Daniel Marcus, and Dr. Travis Kidner

Dr. Matthew Lublin, Dr. Daniel Marcus, and Dr. Travis Kidner

In addition, a full roster of health care specialists and staffers specifically tuned in to patients’ needs support the doctors and the clientele. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons at Rox Center include Dr. Kevin Brenner, Dr. Jay Calvert, Dr. Drew Ordon, Dr. Ritu Chopra, Dr. Anita Patel, and Bariatric support staff Dr. Pouya Shafipour for medical weight loss.

Watch Dr. Jay Calvert talk about what you can expect from Rox Center Beverly Hills as a reliable, trustworthy and excellence for choice for your health care needs.

A patient can look forward to well-considered care and advice long before and long after the weight loss surgery.

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